IPNews® – On April 27, The Saul Zaentz Company filed a Notice of Opposition against Hu Congyan regarding a trademark application for “Smeagol.”

Hu Congyan filed the trademark application in September 2020.  If approved, Congyan would garner rights over the term “Smeagol” when used on various forms of apparel.  To continue reading, click: The Hobbit:

p.jpgIPNews® – Last week Pinterest hit travel site Pintrips with a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit for being too similar its popular “pinning” application.

In the lawsuit, Pinterest seeks to shut down the startup travel website Pintrips for causing consumer confusion.   In support of its claim of infringement, Pinterest cites the similarity of the names and the

satellite-dish.jpgIPNews® – Dish Network has run into issues with use of its “Dish Anywhere” Trademark.

Dish Network’s biggest competitors filed oppositions in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to block its newly filed Trademark Application for “Dish Anywhere.”  The companies claimed that they would be damaged by if the application were allowed to proceed to

christmas-card.jpgIPNews® – Seasonal shopping staple Hallmark has been hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit by a smaller company over use of the name “North Pole City.”

The Oklahoma City based retail store called North Pole City filed a complaint against Hallmark last week, claiming that Hallmark’s forthcoming holiday line infringes on the name that it

p.jpgIPNews® – Two big-time apps collide in as Path attempts to block Pinterest’s trademark registration of its “P” logo.

Pinterest last year filed a Trademark Application to secure protection of its “P” design logo, but on the road to registration has encountered a major bump.  Just last month, Path, another popular social networking app, made

sandwich-footlong.jpgIPNews® –  Subway endured a major loss this week as the TTAB held that “footlong” does not function as a trademark.

Earlier this year, a convenience store chain challenged mega fast food operator Subway, opposing its federal trademark application for “footlong.”   In finding for the opposing party on nearly every issue raised, the Board firmly

chicken-wings.jpgIPNews® – Washington D.C.’s famed put-on-everything condiment, “Mumbo sauce,” has come under fire as of late with a TTAB ruling granting legal ownership of the trademark to a Chicago based company.

In 2011, Capital City Mumbo Sauce LLC filed a petition to cancel a trademark registration held by Select Brands.  The TTAB sided with Select

concert.jpgIPNews® – Rocawear, the famous clothing line owned partially by Jay Z, has been sued for trademark infringement by a smaller company called HoodLove LLC.

HoodLove LLC argues that its registered trademark for “Hood Love” has been infringed by Jay Z’s Rocawear clothing brand, which recently began selling a T-shirt with the words coupled with