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At the core of everything we do at Mandour & Associates is an overwhelming passion for efficiency and effectiveness in the practice of intellectual property law.  We offer high-level  expertise and promise to only take actions that directly lead to a positive outcome for our clients.

We’re always focused on the reasoning and rationale for everything we do.  If it’s not going to help us win, then there’s no point in doing it.  Whether it be filing unnecessary motions or extending discovery much longer than it needs to be, we’re not going to spin our wheels.  Famed UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said “Be quick but don’t hurry.”  We work efficiently, but in a manner that preserves and enhances what is an extremely high level of work.

Our capabilities range from offering global intellectual property strategy for large multi-national corporations to filing a trademark application for a mom-and-pop small business, and everything in-between.  In working with large companies, we offer a comprehensive approach not only handling the matter at hand but also keeping the big picuture in mind and presenting other opportunities to develop intellectual property.  We are constantly focused on the long term in creating, exploiting, and protecting all forms of intellectual property.  If there is an opportunity for our clients to enhance their IP portfolio, we will do our best to identify and explore it.

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