IPNews® – A viral photo of President Donald Trump at a wedding in New Jersey turned into a case of copyright infringement.

The photo was taken by a wedding guest and after being published to social media ultimately ended up being used by multiple news outlets. Hearst Communications was recently held liable for using the photo without any right to do so. To continue reading, click: Donald Trump, Wedding Crasher, Becomes Copyright Infringement Case.

cat-licking.jpgIPNews® – Internet sensation Grumpy Cat recently scored a court victory against Grenade Beverage for copyright infringement.

Grumpy Cat Limited had agreed to let Grenade Beverage use the cat’s image in relation to ‘Grumpuccino’ iced coffee.  Grumpy Cat Limited sued after Grenade infringed the cat’s rights by producing other products with Grumpy Cat’s image and failed to share profits.  To continue reading, click: Grumpy Cat Wins $710,001 Copyright Lawsuit Against Grenade Beverage

spotify.jpgIPNews® – In late December 2017, Wixen Music Publishing filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Spotify.  

Wixen is alleging that Spotify failed to attain proper rights to stream music from artists including Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, The Black Keys’, Weezer, Neil Young, and the Doors.  The lawsuit comes at a bad time for Spotify, as it is reportedly preparing to go public.  To continue reading, click: Spotify Faces $1.6 Billion Copyright Lawsuit Regarding Music Licenses

music-sheet.jpgRick Ross is back at it in his copyright lawsuit against LMFAO.

In 2013, Ross sued the Los Angeles musical duo LMFAO claiming that the song “Party Rock Anthem” infringed his copyright in “Hustlin’” with the lyrics “everyday I’m shufflin’.” After a long-running lawsuit ending with dissmisal in 2016, Rick Ross has now appealed that ruling arguing that his copyright registration are valid despite errors.  To continue reading, click: Rapper Rick Ross’ Revives Copyright Lawsuit Against LMFAO

new_zealand_flag.jpgIPNews® A Judge has awarded Eminem’s publishing company $415,000 for copyright infringement after New Zealand’s National Party used a sound-alike to Eminem’ song “Lose Yourself”.

Political party members were aware of the two songs similarities, but continued to pursue the use anyway.  Eminem has stated that any proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief.  To continue reading, click: Eminem Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against New Zealand Political Party

banana.jpgIPNews® Just in time for Halloween, a costume manufacturer company has sued Kmart over a banana suit costume.  

The manufacturer is alleging that Kmart has committed copyright infringement among other claims.  Because the alleged infringement ocurred after the banana suit costume copyright was registered, and the two companies had a previous relationship, Kmart is exposed to significant damages.  To continue reading, click: Banana Suit Costume Sparks Scary Halloween Copyright Lawsuit

washington monument.jpgIPNews® – Late Night Television Host Conan O’Brien has been accused of stealing jokes by freelance comedy writer Robert “Alex” Kaseberg.  

The jokes were posted to Kaseberg’s twitter account, and then shortly thereafter similar jokes were delivered by Conan O’Brien on his show.  The judge on the case recently ruled that the case may proceed to trial.  To continue reading, click: Conan O’Brien “Joke” Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Proceeds to Trial

music-sheet.jpgIPNews® – Detroit based rap star, Eminem, is suing the current ruling party of New Zeland for copyright infringement.  

Eminem claims that the National Party used a backtrack in its campaign ad that is clearly a rip off of his popular song “Lose Yourself.”  New Zeland claims that its use of the song was “pretty legal”.  To continue reading, click:  Eminem Sues New Zealand Governing Body for Copyright Infringement

constitution-flag.jpgIPNews® – A judge in New York ruled in favor of allowing a lawsuit challenging the copyright of “We Shall Overcome,” a civil rights anthem and protest song.  The lawsuit claims that the song has been created from other African-American spiritual songs.  Since the other songs are in the public domain, the lawsuit claims that the copyright on the song is invalid.

To continue reading, click: “We Shall Overcome” Lawsuit Moves Forward

candy-skittles.jpgIPNews® – Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, recently posted a controversial Skittles Tweet.

The image is a white bowl full of rainbow colored Skittles.  The text on the image compared Syrian refugees to deadly Skittles and after creating the controversy was removed from Twitter due to copyright infringement issues.  To continue reading, click: Donald Trump Jr. Tweets a Skittles Copyright Infringement