IPNews® – Delta Air Lines has sued Marriott hotels for use of the Delta trademark in relation to a hotel chain.

Delta is claiming that Marriott is simultaneously rapidly expanding the chain while also changing the color scheme of the logo to more closely resemble Delta’s brand. It seems that the case could cause Marriott to re-brand again. To continue reading, click: Delta Air Lines sues Marriott for Trademark Infringement

IPNews® – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to split from the ‘Royal’ brand has apparently left their Sussex Royal trademark in limbo.

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex move forward, they will have to honor the family and build their own brand without help from their past status. They are still working on their own nonprofit which apparently will be under a new brand. To continue reading, click: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Drop Sussex Royal Trademark

IPNews® – Amazon has won another patent for a robot capable of delivering its packages.

The patent comes on the heels of Amazon Scout which is a 6 wheeled robot being tested for deliveries in Seattle. Amazon has also received notice lately for patents related to drone delivery and grocery stores that automate the check out process. To continue reading, click: Amazon Receive Patent for Package Delivering Robots

IPNews® – Daniel Jones, the recently drafted quarterback for the New York Giants, has filed a trademark application for the nickname “Danny Dimes.”

Jones and his agent have begun to notice multiple companies creating and selling unlicensed merchandise featuring the nickname. Also, its appears that two other Danny Dimes trademark applications were filed before Jones’ trademark application. To continue reading, click: New York Giants’ Daniel Jones Looks to Trademark “Danny Dimes”

IPNews® – A Florida-based chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists has filed a trademark application for “Fake News”.

The group is also reportedly already policing use by sending cease and desist letters to alleged infringers, including to Donald Trump himself. The effort will likely be an uphill battle. To continue reading, click: Journalist Group Files Trademark for “Fake News” so Trump Can’t Use it

IPNews® – Lebron James tried to trademark the phrase “Taco Tuesday,” but the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued an office action refusing the application.

The office action claims that the phrase is widely used to describe a popular weekday event. It also cites a prior conflicting registration. To continue reading, click: Lebron James’ Trademark Application for Taco Tuesday Denied

IPNews® – The USPTO denied Tom Brady’s application to register a trademark on the nickname “Tom Terrific.”

New York Mets fans rejoiced as Tom Seaver’s legacy was cemented as the true Tom Terrific. Tom Brady has accepted the decision and claims that we was partially doing it to protect Tom Seaver. To continue reading, click: Tom Brady Can’t Get Tom Terrific Trademark

IPNews® – Sour Patch Kids creator Mondelez Canada Inc. has filed a trademark lawsuit against a THC-infused gummy candy called “Stoney Patch.”

Mondelez believes that the Stoney Patch brand gummies are causing brand confusion. Stoney Patch is accused of using this branding to target children. To continue reading, click: Sour Patch Kids Files Trademark Lawsuit Against THC-Infused “Stoney Patch” Brand