IPNews® – DoorDash has recently filed a trademark opposition against a company that filed a trademark application for Door Dabz.

The trademark application at issue is for cannabis delivery services. Ultimately to prevail and block the application, DoorDash will have to prove that consumers are likely to be confused between the two trademarks. To continue reading, click: Company Says DoorDash Trademark Infringed by Cannabis Service

IPNews® – The owner of the Toys ‘R’ Us trademark recently filed a trademark opposition against a trademark application for BOOZE ‘R’ US.

Although there are no overlapping goods or services, the struggling toy retainer doesn’t like the similarity of the trademarks. Apart from alleging a likelihood of confusion,Toys ‘R’ Us is alleging dilution. To continue reading, click: Alcohol Trademark Battle: Toys ‘R’ Us Goes After Booze ‘R’ Us

IPNews® –  A recent filing by the estate of Kobe Bryant may bring life back into a basketball tournament that was cancelled after his death.

Kobe Bryant, LLC recently filed a trademark application for MAMBA CUP. The application includes services in Class 41 which may be a clue that the tournament is back on. To continue reading, click: Kobe Bryant’s Dream Lives On With New Mamba Cup Trademark

IPNews® –  Another cannabis company knocking off a candy company has gone down in flames.

Last year Ferrara Candy Co. filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Top Five Wholesale for infringing on its trademarks and trade dress. As is typical, the cannabis company was using familiar candy trademarks to sell cannabis. To continue reading, click: Cannabis Trademark Dispute Results in Bad Trip for Edibles Brand

IPNews® –  Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been in the news frequently lately with their move the U.S., semi-split from the Royal family, and tell all show on Netflix.

More recently, Ms. Markle has a trademark registration issue. She is attempting to register a trademark for Archetypes, but isn’t having much luck. To continue reading, click: USPTO Denies Meghan Markle Trademark Application for ‘Archetypes’

IPNews® –  The fictional company Dunder Mifflin was popularized by the TV show the Office, widely considered to be one of the best comedies of all time.

NBCUniversal is now being forced to fight for its right to the DUNDER MIFFLIN trademark. It recently filed several DUNDER MIFFLIN trademark applications and has an ongoing trademark cancellation against someone that registered the trademark first. To continue reading, click: NBC Is Going After the ‘Dunder Mifflin’ Trademark… Again

IPNews® – Eminem has filed a trademark opposition against a trademark application filed by two Real Housewives. 

The rapper has taken issue with use of the Relatively Shady trademark claiming that it is too similar to his Slim Shady trademark. Thus far, it appears that he may have an uphill battle. To continue reading, click: Eminem Takes on Two ‘Real Housewives’ Over Slim Shady Trademark

IPNews® – Lizzo has a message for the trademark office – the Truth Hurts.

In a song by that name, Lizzo popularized the phrase 100% that Bitch.  She is now one step closer to registering the phrase as a trademark.  To continue reading, click: 100% That Bitch Lizzo Trademark Trounces USPTO Precedent

IPNews® – The Biden Administration has recently sided with Jack Daniels in its trade dress battle against a dog toy.

The dog toy in question looks like a bottle of Jack Daniels except it reads “Bad Spaniels”.  It also changes the “Old No. 7” wording to “the Old No. 2, on your Tennessee Carpet.”  To continue reading, click: Jack Daniels Takes on Dog Toy Trademark

IPNews® – As part of the January 6th investigation it has come out that Donald Trump was interested in getting a trademark for “Rigged Election”.

Donald would have had an uphill climb to actually secure the rights though.  He would have had to plan to offer a good or service under the name.  To continue reading, click: Trump Wanted to Trademark “Rigged Election.” Why It Didn’t Work