IPNews® – A&E Television Networks, the parent company of the History Channel, recently filed a trademark application revealing a new planned show.

The application is for “Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman” which appears to build on the network’s existing Mountain Men series.   The application was filed on an Intent to Use basis so it is unclear when the show will debut.  To continue reading, click: Trademark filing for ‘Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman’ indicates a New Show

IPNews® – Donald Trump has run into a snag in attempting to register the trademark to TRUTH SOCIAL, his personal version of twitter.

The trademark office has denied the application by citing two other prior filed similar trademarks.  It is uncertain whether Mr. Trump will be able to overcome the refusal, or if he has already received cease and desist letters.  To continue reading, click: Donald Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Encounters Trademark Hurdle

IPNews® – Nintendo has recently filed a trademark opposition against Brooklyn-based ZeldaVision Media Inc.

Nintendo is claiming that  ZeldaVision Media’s trademark application for ZELDAVISION infringes on its ZELDA video game and franchise.  This comes after ZeldaVision limited the scope of its trademark application in hopes of avoiding a conflict.  To continue reading, click here: There’s a Zelda Trademark Dispute Months Before Game’s New Release

IPNews® – Penn State lost a recent attempt to dismiss a counterclaim that was filed against it in a trademark infringement lawsuit it filed.

The lawsuit was filed against Vintage Brand for trademark infringement due to Vintage Brand’s use of old school logos.  However, the judge isn’t so sure Penn State should win the case.  To continue reading, click here: A Judge Just Risked Penn State’s Trademarks — And Those of Other Schools

IPNews® – NBC Universal has recently filed a trademark lawsuit against a company using the trademark “Dunder Mifflin”.

A company named Jay Kennette Media Group, LLC has apparently been using the Dunder Mifflin trademark on apparel since 2016.  Just days short of when Jay Kennette Media Group could file to make its trademark registration incontestable, NBC Universal filed its lawsuit.  To continue reading, click here: Pretzel Day Ruined As Company Faces ‘Dunder Mifflin’ Trademark Lawsuit

IPNews® – Authentic Brands Group has recently ramped up its policing of Elvis related intellectual property.

Apart from demanding that Las Vegas wedding chapels cease Elvis themed weddings, the company has also recently filed an trademark opposition against a trademark application for ELVIS SMART.  The increase in activity could be related to a new biopic set to air about the king.  To continue reading, click here: Owners Of The Elvis Trademark Have Jumped Into Another Fight

IPNews® – Copyright issues surrounding the new Top Gun movie have arisen just as the movie is starting to garner buzz at the box office.

The family of Ehud Yonay has filed a copyright lawsuit against Paramount claiming that Paramount does not have the rights to the story for the sequel.  Paramount licensed the original story which was based on a 1983 article written by Yonay.  To continue reading, click here:  ‘Top Gun’ Lawsuit Brings Questions Of Copyright Licensing To Hollywood

modernaIPNews® – Moderna has been sued for patent infringement related to its Covid vaccine.

From the outset Modern has claimed that there is no patent infringement.  However, in a recent effort to get out of the lawsuit, Moderna is now claiming that the U.S. Government, not Moderna, would be responsible for the infringement.  To continue reading, click here: Moderna Tries To Shift Covid Vaccine Patent Lawsuit To The Taxpayers

IPNews® – NBA basketball star Zion Williamson has filed an trademark opposition against a trademark application for ZION INFLUENCERS.

The question is whether consumers are likely to confuse the ZION INFLUENCERS trademark with the ZION or ZION WILLIAMSON trademarks or think that the use is affiliated with the basketball player.  The fact that there are already many other ZION trademarks may ultimately hurt Mr. Williamson’s case.  To continue reading, click here: Zion Williamson Seeks to Stop Use of “ZION” in New Trademarks

IPNews® – The founders of Dogecoin have recently filed a trademark opposition to prevent registration of the trademark DOGETIPBOT (DOGE TIP BOT).

Doge Tip Bot was an application that once allowed people to tip each other with payment in Dogecoin.  However, it is not clear if this new application is related to the prior company that went out of business.  To continue reading, click: Another Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Trademark Fight Has Broken Out