IPNews® – DC Comics has recently filed a trademark opposition to prevent registration of the SUPER BABIES trademark.

Here is the one twist: DC Comics does not use that trademark. Instead, DC Comics is claiming that due to its use of many trademarks that use the word SUPER in relation to super heroes, consumers are still likely to be confused. To continue reading, click: DC Comics Seems to Think It Owns the Word “Super” for Superheroes

IPNews® – As we all know, the popular social networking site formerly called Twitter is now called X.

Regardless, X apparently doesn’t want to completely give up all of its Twitter related trademarks. In fact, it appears that X is willing to litigate over any unauthorized use of its old trademarks. To continue reading, click: Musk Still Defends Twitter Trademark After Aggressive Rebrand

IPNews® – Meta is slowly but surely clearing obstacles in its effort to register its META trademark.

The latest hurdle is Metaformers, Inc., a Virginia corporation that filed a trademark opposition against the META trademark application. Metaformers claims it’s been using the “Meta” trademark since at least 2001, and as such the META trademark application should not be granted. To continue reading, click: Facebook’s Meta Trademark Might Be in Danger

IPNews® – After Microsoft backed OpenAI’s impressive launch of ChatGPT, Google quickly responded with its own AI tool named Bard.

Recently though, Google has changed course and is branding under the name Gemini instead. The USPTO has since denied the CHATGPT trademark application and Google may be going down the same road with GEMINI. To continue reading, click: Google Seeks Gemini Trademark Days After Pausing AI Tool

IPNews® – At the end of last year, the progression of AI in the form of ChatGPT amazed many.

Since then, the fall out continues with companies scrambling to claim intellectual property rights and market share. Perhaps the most surprising recent result is OpenAI’s apparent inability to register CHATGPT as a trademark. To continue reading, click: It’s Been a Landmark Month for AI in Intellectual Property

IPNews® – Muhammad Ali Enterprises has recently filed a trademark opposition against a company that filed a trademark application for G.O.A.T. Greatest of All Time.

Muhammad Ali Enterprises is claiming that consumers will be confused between its use of similar trademarks. Complicating matters is that another company, GOAT USA Inc., also filed an opposition and is alleging the same thing. To continue reading, click: Muhammad Ali Brand Targets G.O.A.T. Trademark Applicant

IPNews® –  Jimmy Buffett’s company, Margaritaville Enterprises, LLC, has filed a request for an extension of time to Oppose a PHINS UP trademark application filed by the Miami Dolphins.

This likely means that the companies are negotiating an agreement behind the scenes. Margaritaville owns multiple registrations for FINS UP, and likely wants the Dolphins to cease all use. To continue reading, click: Dolphins Trademark Slogan in Danger From Margaritaville

IPNews® – With the use of AI proliferating daily, an increasing question is who owns works created by AI.

The copyright office is on record as saying that works exclusively produced by AI are not copyrightable. However, a work partly created by AI and partly created by a person can be protected provide that there is sufficient human authorship. To continue reading, click: Copyright Office Joins War on AI Intellectual Property

IPNews® – Two years ago Facebook decided to rebrand its umbrella company name to Meta.

Just as Twitter has found in its X rebrand, rebranding a billion dollar company is easier said than done. As expected, Meta has a few minefields to navigate. To continue reading, click: Facebook Meta Trademark Faces a Significant Hurdle

IPNews® – We recently reported that the Philadelphia Eagles filed a trademark application for Brotherly Shove.

Well, they apparently have competition for the trademark. Recently two other applications were filed for very similar trademarks. To continue reading, click: Eagles Get Blindsided by New Brotherly Shove Trademarks