IPNews® – On July 14, 2021, DC Comics, the creator of famous superheroes, submitted a trademark opposition against a trademark application for “Dark Night.”

The company that filed this application, Anji Mingsheng Furniture Co., Ltd., mentions a founding date of 2000 on their website and request registration for Dark Knight in association with armchairs and other furniture.   It’s no surprise that DC comics would strive to protect its intellectual property linked to the character even if the goods at issue is furniture. To continue reading, click: Batman Found A New Enemy: Furniture Trademark Registrations



IPNews® – On June 29, 2021, the band Kiss submitted a trademark opposition against a trademark application for “Wicked Kiss.”

Just days after frontman Gene Simmons declared the band Kiss officially retired, the owner of the band’s intellectual property (IP) rights filed a trademark opposition against a small music group attempting to register the WICKED KISS trademark.  To continue reading, click: Rock Band Kiss Gets In Trademark Dispute With Cover Band


IPNews® – On June 8, 2021, the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson submitted a trademark opposition against a trademark application for “Purple Rain”.

Released in 1984, Purple Rain was Prince’s sixth studio album. Over 35 years after its release, though, a company is attempting to trademark the name for use on energy drinks. To continue reading, click: Purple Rain Trademark Opposition Has Prince Back In The Limelight

IPNews® – On May 20, 2021, the brand What Do You Meme, LLC filed a trademark opposition against Doing Things Media, LLC over their trademark application for ‘World War Meme.’

The opposition focuses on the use of the term MEME for “card games and trading cards for games.”  While What Do You Meme manufactures pop culture games, Doing Things Media creates advertisements that convincingly masquerade as memes. To continue reading, click: World War Meme: Trademark Fight Breaks Out Over Use Of “Meme”

jay-z-trademark-fightIPNews® – On May 12, 2021, a company representing Jay-Z – SC Branding LLC – filed a notice of opposition in the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to protect the Jay-Z trademark from what they claim is trademark infringement.

The trademark at issue is a logo featuring a butterfly and the letters “JZYZ.”  The filing details how well-known Jay-Z has become and cites prior use dating back to 1995. To continue reading, click: After Recent Filings, Jay-Z Is Ready For A Trademark Fight

IPNews® – On April 27, The Saul Zaentz Company filed a Notice of Opposition against Hu Congyan regarding a trademark application for “Smeagol.”

Hu Congyan filed the trademark application in September 2020.  If approved, Congyan would garner rights over the term “Smeagol” when used on various forms of apparel.  To continue reading, click: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Into Trademark Infringement

ice-cube-files-a-lawsuit-against-robinhoodIPNews® – In a lawsuit that was filed on March 31, Ice Cube has claimed that Robinhood, the popular the stock trading app, has misappropriated his image in marketing.

The photograph sent out by the company featured the rapper along with the phrase “Correct yourself, before you wreck yourself.” This is a reference to Ice Cube’s 1992 song, “Check Yourself.”  Ice Cube is seeking both damages and injunctive relief from the company. To continue reading, click: Robinhood Faces New Legal Troubles As Ice Cube Files a Lawsuit


IPNews® – Nike has sued MSCHF for trademark infringement over a new line of Satan Shoes.

In cooperation with Lil Nas X, Satan Shoes are limited-edition, custom Nikes that are allegedly modified with a drop of human blood and embellished with a pentagram. Nike claims that its trademarks used in association with Satan Shoes will damage its reputation.  To continue reading, click: Nike Sues Lil Nas X Partner For Trademark Infringement Over “Satan Shoes”


IPNews® – Muhammad Ali Enterprises, LLC, tasked with controlling all the intellectual property and rights of publicity linked to the boxing legend, have entered the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ring over a trademark application for “Float & Sting.”

The trademark application for “Float & Sting” was filed by Ascend Concepts, Inc. and published for opposition to the Official Gazette on November 24, 2020.  Muhammad Ali Enterprises requested an extension of time to file a trademark opposition, and then on March 24, 2021 officially submitted the Notice of Opposition. To continue reading, click: Muhammad Ali Brand Enters Trademark Bout Over ‘Float & Sting’

carole-baskins-faces-new-trademark-infringement-battleIPNews® – Carole Baskins of Tiger King fame filed a trademark opposition against a trademark application for “Hey All You Cool Cats and Kittens”.

She claims to have used this tagline since at least 2017, but it became internationally recognized when she spoke those words on Netflix’s popular Tiger King show in 2020. Daniel Brown, the defendant in the case, filed a trademark application to use the tagline in relation to “shirts, hats and general consumer merchandise.” To continue reading, click: Tiger King’s Carole Baskins Faces New Trademark Infringement Battle.