IPNews® – The Biden Administration has recently sided with Jack Daniels in its trade dress battle against a dog toy.

The dog toy in question looks like a bottle of Jack Daniels except it reads “Bad Spaniels”.  It also changes the “Old No. 7” wording to “the Old No. 2, on your Tennessee Carpet.”  To continue reading, click: Jack Daniels Takes on Dog Toy Trademark

IPNews® – As part of the January 6th investigation it has come out that Donald Trump was interested in getting a trademark for “Rigged Election”.

Donald would have had an uphill climb to actually secure the rights though.  He would have had to plan to offer a good or service under the name.  To continue reading, click: Trump Wanted to Trademark “Rigged Election.” Why It Didn’t Work

IPNews® – Just before Christmas a trademark opposition was filed against a trademark application for My Santa Is Black.

The Opposition was filed by The Black Santa Company which owns several trademarks for “Black Santa”.  The Grinch will surely be watching this one.  To continue reading, click: A Black Santa Claus Trademark Battle Is Currently Brewing

IPNews® – Rock band Guns N’ Roses has taken issue with a Texas store that is using its trademark.

The store sells – you guessed it – guns & roses.  The band is alleging that the use is going to lead to consumer confusion and dilution of its trademark.  To continue reading, click: Rock Band Guns N’ Roses Sues Gun Store for Trademark Infringement

IPNews® – Cardi B recently won a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against her related to a tattoo.

The tattoo in question appeared on her album cover without the knowledge or consent of Kevin Michael Brophy.  It was Mr. Brophy’s back tattoo that appeared on the album cover.   To continue reading, click: When Are Tattoos Copyright Protected? Courts Can’t Seem to Decide

IPNews® –  Medieval Times has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against its employees after they began to form a union.

The action by the company raises labor law issues due to the fact that companies cannot retaliate against employees for attempts to unionize.  Union forming has been in the news lately with Starbucks and Amazon among high profile companies with employees doing the same.  To continue reading, click: Unionized Workers Say Medieval Times Trademark Lawsuit is Unlawful

IPNews® –  It appears that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) has Real Housewives star Heather Gay in its crosshairs.

The reality TV star’s company – Heathertainment, Inc. – has filed a trademark Application for BAD MORMON.  The church is claiming among other things that consumers will be confused between the reality TV star’s use and their own.  To continue reading, click: The LDS Church Is Trying to Block Another Mormon Trademark

IPNews® – Laila Ali, the daughter of Muhammad Ali, has run into a problem in attempting to trademark her name.

Her trademark application for LAILA ALI was opposed by Muhammad Ali Enterprises LLC, which controls all intellectual property associated with Muhammad Ali.  While the two boxers never fought in a ring, it appears their companies are about to go toe to toe.  To continue reading, click: Muhammad Ali Trademark Owners Oppose His Daughter Using Her Own Name

IPNews® – A&E Television Networks, the parent company of the History Channel, recently filed a trademark application revealing a new planned show.

The application is for “Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman” which appears to build on the network’s existing Mountain Men series.   The application was filed on an Intent to Use basis so it is unclear when the show will debut.  To continue reading, click: Trademark filing for ‘Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman’ indicates a New Show

IPNews® – Donald Trump has run into a snag in attempting to register the trademark to TRUTH SOCIAL, his personal version of twitter.

The trademark office has denied the application by citing two other prior filed similar trademarks.  It is uncertain whether Mr. Trump will be able to overcome the refusal, or if he has already received cease and desist letters.  To continue reading, click: Donald Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Encounters Trademark Hurdle