IPNews® – U.S. Ghost Adventures has filed a trademark lawsuit against Miss Lizzie’s Coffee over use of the term Lizzie.

Lizzie Bordon was accused of a terrible crime in the 1800’s. The parties to the lawsuit are both attempting to profit from the tragedy. To continue reading, click: True Crime Trademarks: Can Lizzie Borden® Axe Competitors?

IPNews® – Katie King (aka Miss Metaverse) recently filed a trademark opposition against the Miss Metaverse trademark application filed by Flo Inc.

While Flo Inc. has only recently started using the trademark, Ms. King claims to have used it for years. Although she has only recently filed her own trademark application, she may have common law rights. To continue reading, click: Metaverse Trademark Dispute Erupts Over Digital Beauty Pageant

IPNews® – Moderna has recently taken issue with a trademark application filed for COVID MVAX filed by a competitor.

The COVID MVAX trademark application was filed by GlaxoSmithKline. Moderna is taking the position that the trademark will limit its ability to adequately describe its own Covid vaccine. To continue reading, click: COVID Trademark Fight Erupts Between Pharma Companies

IPNews® – A couple of months after going to the Supreme Court in a trademark dispute, Jack Daniels is back in another one.

This time, the company is fighting to protect its OLD NO. 7 trademark. A sauce manufacturer filed a trademark application for a similar trademark, OLD NO.1 BBQ SAUCE which Jack Daniels is claiming is too similar. To continue reading, click: The Jack Daniels Trademark Is in Another Fight

IPNews® – Many considered NBC’s The Office to be one of the best TV shows of all time.

As the show’s run began to wind down, there was talk of a spinoff starring the character Dwight Schrute. Some recent trademark filings by NBC are likely to get the spinoff speculation back into high gear. To continue reading, click: Schrute Farms Trademark Offers Hope for Potential Spinoff

On August 17, 2021, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a trademark registration for WYATT EARP for use in relation to alcoholic beverages.

Consistent with the Wyatt Earp name, a fight has broken out over the trademark. The World Whiskey Society has filed its own WYATT EARP trademark and has also filed a Petition to Cancel the prior registration. To continue reading, click: Fight Over a Wyatt Earp Whiskey Trademark Just Got Ugly

IPNews® – This week, a federal judge in Miami ruled that artwork featuring a banana duct taped to a wall does not infringe the copyright of a banana and orange duct taped to a wall.

In a very bizarre case, the judge ruled that the idea of affixing fruit to a wall with duct tape cannot be protected by copyright. While this is true, if the works were similar enough the later may have been a copyright infringement. To continue reading, click: Artist Copyright Dispute Tests The Limits of Banana Art

IPNews® – DoorDash has recently filed a trademark opposition against a company that filed a trademark application for Door Dabz.

The trademark application at issue is for cannabis delivery services. Ultimately to prevail and block the application, DoorDash will have to prove that consumers are likely to be confused between the two trademarks. To continue reading, click: Company Says DoorDash Trademark Infringed by Cannabis Service

IPNews® – The owner of the Toys ‘R’ Us trademark recently filed a trademark opposition against a trademark application for BOOZE ‘R’ US.

Although there are no overlapping goods or services, the struggling toy retainer doesn’t like the similarity of the trademarks. Apart from alleging a likelihood of confusion,Toys ‘R’ Us is alleging dilution. To continue reading, click: Alcohol Trademark Battle: Toys ‘R’ Us Goes After Booze ‘R’ Us

IPNews® –  A recent filing by the estate of Kobe Bryant may bring life back into a basketball tournament that was cancelled after his death.

Kobe Bryant, LLC recently filed a trademark application for MAMBA CUP. The application includes services in Class 41 which may be a clue that the tournament is back on. To continue reading, click: Kobe Bryant’s Dream Lives On With New Mamba Cup Trademark