football.jpgIPNews® – The NFL is being threatened with a trademark lawsuit by a company it has a history with called Barstool Sports.

Recently, the NFL began selling shirts that use the phrase “Sundays are for the Boys”.  Barstool Sports has taken issue with this, since it has long sold a shirt that contains the phrase “Saturdays are for the Boys”.   To continue reading, click: Barstool Sports threatens NFL with Trademark Lawsuit

Comic Con.jpgIPNews® – San Diego Comic-Con has won its trademark lawsuit against Salt Lake Comic Con over use of the words “Comic Con”.  

The Salt Lake version had argued that the Comic Con words were generic and thus free for all to use.  However, the court determinted that consumers were in fact likely to be confused as to sponsorship and affiliation between the events.   To continue reading, click: San Diego Comic-Con Wins Trademark Lawsuit Against Salt Lake Comic Con

apple-store.jpgIPNews® – Qualcomm and Apple have reached a new low in their relationship.  

First Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple in July for infringing on 16 patents, then Apple recently filed a countersuit accusing Qualcomm of patent infringement.  Apple is reportedly considering ending its relationship Qualcomm and instead using other suppliers for iPhone chips.  To continue reading, click: Apple Countersues Qualcomm for Patent Infringement

dog leash.jpgIPNews® The hip hop band Wu-Tang Clan has filed a trademark opposition against a recently filed “Woof-Tang Clan” trademark application.

The opposition is the band’s attempt to prevent a New York based dog-walking company from getting a trademark.  The Wu-Tang Clan name has been in use in relation to hip hop music since 1993.  To continue reading, click: Woof-Tang Clan Dog Walking Company Trademark Opposed by Wu-Tang Clan

music-sheet.jpgRick Ross is back at it in his copyright lawsuit against LMFAO.

In 2013, Ross sued the Los Angeles musical duo LMFAO claiming that the song “Party Rock Anthem” infringed his copyright in “Hustlin’” with the lyrics “everyday I’m shufflin’.” After a long-running lawsuit ending with dissmisal in 2016, Rick Ross has now appealed that ruling arguing that his copyright registration are valid despite errors.  To continue reading, click: Rapper Rick Ross’ Revives Copyright Lawsuit Against LMFAO

beer-bottle-pouring.jpgIPNews®- Canadian brewer Moosehead has sued Hop’n Moose Brewing Company for Trademark Infringement.

Located in Rutland, Vermont, Hop’n Moose Brewing Company operates brewpubs and sells beer which contains a moose in the logo.  Moosehead Breweries claims that consumers are likely to be confused and states that its use of a moose related to beer has been iconic for decades.  To continue reading, click: Moosehead Sues Hop’n Moose for Trademark Infringement

new_zealand_flag.jpgIPNews® A Judge has awarded Eminem’s publishing company $415,000 for copyright infringement after New Zealand’s National Party used a sound-alike to Eminem’ song “Lose Yourself”.

Political party members were aware of the two songs similarities, but continued to pursue the use anyway.  Eminem has stated that any proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief.  To continue reading, click: Eminem Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against New Zealand Political Party

google.jpgIPNews® – A case challenging the registered Google trademark has been declined for review by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case involved whether a trademark owner should lose rights in instances when the trademark is frequently used as a verb such as in the phrase “Google it”.   The Plaintiffs alleged that Google had become generic to mean search the Internet and as such it was no longer a protectible trademark.  To continue reading, click: Google Wins Genericide Trademark Case

banana.jpgIPNews® Just in time for Halloween, a costume manufacturer company has sued Kmart over a banana suit costume.  

The manufacturer is alleging that Kmart has committed copyright infringement among other claims.  Because the alleged infringement ocurred after the banana suit costume copyright was registered, and the two companies had a previous relationship, Kmart is exposed to significant damages.  To continue reading, click: Banana Suit Costume Sparks Scary Halloween Copyright Lawsuit

automobile-suv.jpgIPNews® – Jaguar Land Rover filed several trademark applications to protect its infamous automobile designs after a new threat has appeared.

Jim Ratcliffe, billionaire owner of Ineos, announced that he plans to form an automotive team to market a vehicle similar in design and appearance to the Land Rover Defender.  Thus far Jaguar Land Rover is vowing to protect its design even though the vehicle was discontinued.  To continue reading, click: Jaguar Files Trademark Applications to Protect Appearance of Vehicles