IPNews® – Muhammad Ali Enterprises has recently filed a trademark opposition against a company that filed a trademark application for G.O.A.T. Greatest of All Time.

Muhammad Ali Enterprises is claiming that consumers will be confused between its use of similar trademarks. Complicating matters is that another company, GOAT USA Inc., also filed an opposition and is alleging the same thing. To continue reading, click: Muhammad Ali Brand Targets G.O.A.T. Trademark Applicant

IPNews® –  Jimmy Buffett’s company, Margaritaville Enterprises, LLC, has filed a request for an extension of time to Oppose a PHINS UP trademark application filed by the Miami Dolphins.

This likely means that the companies are negotiating an agreement behind the scenes. Margaritaville owns multiple registrations for FINS UP, and likely wants the Dolphins to cease all use. To continue reading, click: Dolphins Trademark Slogan in Danger From Margaritaville

IPNews® – With the use of AI proliferating daily, an increasing question is who owns works created by AI.

The copyright office is on record as saying that works exclusively produced by AI are not copyrightable. However, a work partly created by AI and partly created by a person can be protected provide that there is sufficient human authorship. To continue reading, click: Copyright Office Joins War on AI Intellectual Property

IPNews® – Two years ago Facebook decided to rebrand its umbrella company name to Meta.

Just as Twitter has found in its X rebrand, rebranding a billion dollar company is easier said than done. As expected, Meta has a few minefields to navigate. To continue reading, click: Facebook Meta Trademark Faces a Significant Hurdle

IPNews® – We recently reported that the Philadelphia Eagles filed a trademark application for Brotherly Shove.

Well, they apparently have competition for the trademark. Recently two other applications were filed for very similar trademarks. To continue reading, click: Eagles Get Blindsided by New Brotherly Shove Trademarks

IPNews® – A dispute has broken out between two legal services companies over the AMERICAN DREAM trademark.

The American Dream US Greencard Service GmbH has filed a Trademark Cancellation against the American Dream Law Office PLLC. While the American Dream Law Office owns a trademark registration, the American Dream US Greencard Service claims prior use. To continue reading, click: A Social Media Trademark Dispute Just Turned Ugly

IPNews® – Apple’s pending trademark application for ONE (+Design) has run into a snag.

The application is being opposed by a bible sales company. The opposing company is claiming that Apple has refused to limit its application to exclude religious related goods. To continue reading, click: Apple One Trademark Challenged by Bible Sales Company

IPNews® – The Philadelphia Eagles have made headlines recently with their successful QB sneak play in which Jalen Hurts’ teammates push him forward for a first down.

Some of the attention is due to the success of the play, while other attention has come because the league is considering banning it. Either way, the Eagles have filed a trademark application to protect their name of the play. To continue reading, click: Philly Eagles Try to Trademark ‘Brotherly Shove’ As League Considers Ban

IPNews® – A council candidate in Pennsylvania is claiming that her company now owns the local school district logo.

Thus far, nobody is quite sure of the basis of the claim. It is also unclear if she has actually filed a trademark application, or if somehow she is claiming some sort of common law ownership. To continue reading, click: Politician Tries to Push “Values” by Trademarking School Logo

IPNews® – U.S. Ghost Adventures has filed a trademark lawsuit against Miss Lizzie’s Coffee over use of the term Lizzie.

Lizzie Bordon was accused of a terrible crime in the 1800’s. The parties to the lawsuit are both attempting to profit from the tragedy. To continue reading, click: True Crime Trademarks: Can Lizzie Borden® Axe Competitors?