Thumbnail image for iphone.jpgIPNews® – Apple’s newest patent acquisition will allow users to listen to a voicemail as it is being left on their iPhone and pick up in the middle of the recording if desired.

The patent, which was assigned to Apple by another tech company, will likely be implemented in the next round of iPhones, which

earphones.jpgIPNews® – After filing a patent for health monitoring earbuds back in 2007, Apple Inc. has finally been granted a patent to the technology.

The Cupertino based company’s new patent adds interesting new perks to modernizing workouts with technology, such as the potential for wireless communication between the earbuds and a user’s iPhone or iPad

football.jpgIPNews® – An Alabama doctor and Crimson Tide fan has filed a trademark application for “Famous Jameis”, the nickname of Florida State University’s star quarterback Jameis Winston.

The new application was filed for clothing and athletic apparel and has yet to be examined by the USPTO.  Though the doctor has expressed interest in working with

courthouse.jpgIPNews® – A three-judge Federal Circuit panel on Tuesday issued an affirmation of a patent rejection by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board, but called for an en banc rehearing to clarify the standard of review the appeals court should apply to the PTAB’s claim construction rulings.

The appeal concerned

camera.jpgIPNews® – A celebrity photo agency accused Buzzfeed Inc. in Los Angeles federal court last week of publishing photos of superstar pop singer Katy Perry in a bikini and comedian and actress Kathy Griffin dancing topless outdoors to its popular news website in violation of the agency’s copyright.

Despite having no license or authorization, Buzzfeed

iphone-ipad.jpgIPNews® – The United Kingdom’s Court of Appeal ruled that a lower court judge was right to find Samsung Electronics Co. did not infringe Apple Inc.’s designs when producing its own tablet computers.

The lower court issued its finding of no infringement in July, and ordered Apple to publish advertisements stating that Samsung had not

apple-logo-gray.jpgSan Diego – The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“the TTAB”) upheld a decision to refuse protection for Apple’s trademark application for “Multi-Touch.”  The trademark is related to Apple’s iPhone, iPad and MacBook line of products. 

The TTAB decided that “Multi-Touch” was too descriptive to receive trademark protection, noting that the term “Multi-Touch” has been referenced in many scientific publications and the New