spawn.jpgIPNews® – Legendary comic book creator and artist Todd McFarlane attacked an ex-employee in Arizona federal court last week for trademark and copyright infringement, after the ex-employee published a book claiming to have inspired McFarlane’s popular Spawn character in the 1990s.

Ex-employee Al Simmons gave McFarlane permission in 1992 to use his name as the comic book name of Spawn’s real-life alter ego, but has now put out an autobiography, “The Art Of Being Spawn,” that violates McFarlane’s intellectual property rights to the character and the series, the complaint says. In addition to the copyright and trademark claims, McFarlane is accusing Simmons of actual and threatened misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, breach of fiduciary duty and duty of loyalty, false endorsement, false advertising and libel. To continue reading, click: Todd McFarlane Sues Ex-Employee For Spawn Trademark, Copyright Infringement