IPNews® – On April 27, The Saul Zaentz Company filed a Notice of Opposition against Hu Congyan regarding a trademark application for “Smeagol.”

Hu Congyan filed the trademark application in September 2020.  If approved, Congyan would garner rights over the term “Smeagol” when used on various forms of apparel.  To continue reading, click: The Hobbit:

music-headphones.jpgIPNews® –  Streaming media provider Spotify has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over the way it allows users to create, play and share music playlists.

The party bringing the claim, Ministry of Sound, argues that Spotify infringes copyrights by allowing users to copy and then re-share songs in the same order as the

birthday.jpgIPNews® – The copyright for “Happy Birthday to You” has come into contention recently, as a filmmaker filed a lawsuit in New York seeking to cancel the song’s copyright protection.

The debate stems over the copyright held by Warner/Chappell Music, originally obtained in 1935 for the piano composition still in use.  Opponents claim that the

tv_remote_control.jpgIPNews® – The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld New York-based Aereo’s right to stream live local television programing. 

The broadcasting companies are claiming that Aereo is exploiting a loophole in the copyright law, while consumer groups are ecstatic.  Meanwhile, Aereo has plans to roll out its service across the nation.  To continue reading

books shelf.jpgIPNews® – Penguin Group USA, Inc.’s copyright infringement lawsuit against a small nonprofit online library was dismissed by a New York federal judge last week, after the publishing company was unable to satisfy jurisdictional requirements.

Penguin filed a complaint against the nonprofit online library American Buddha in 2009, after the publishing giant discovered the website

download.jpgIPNews® – Interest groups for the film, television and music industries have teamed up with Internet service providers to instate a new program to help prevent unauthorized downloading of copyrighted material.

Under the new program, which began February 26th, copyright owners will seek out the IP addresses of users sharing copyrighted material without authorization and

batman-keys.jpgIPNews® – A custom car designer asked the California Central District to throw out DC Comics Inc’s lawsuit alleging he infringed on its trademarks and copyrights by selling replica Batmobiles.

Gotham Garage owner Mark Towle argued that DC Comics knew he had been building Batmobiles since 2003 and yet never told him to stop or

twitter.jpgIPNews® – Agence France Presse and The Washington Post were found to have infringed a photographers copyright when they used photos that were posted to his Twitter account.

Photographer Daniel Morel was on the scene during the Haiti earthquake in January 2010.  Morel posted his photos from the aftermath on Twitter, which Agence France Presse

sony.jpgIPNews® – In order to take advantage of changes in European copyright law, Sony released 100 copies of a compilation of previously unreleased Bob Dylan recordings.

The European Union recently increased the length of copyright protection from 50 years to 70 years, however, a recording must be published prior to the end of the 50