guitar-gibson.jpgIPNews® – U.S. District Court Judge Dean D. Pregerson recently made clear that he is leaning toward dismissing Viacom from a trademark infringement matter initiated by Gibson guitars.

Viacom claims that it merely licensed the rights to use the “SpongeBob SquarePants” trademark to a third party and had no part in any infringement alleged by

mtv logo.jpgIPNews® – Viacom Inc. and the star of its MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” Paul Delvecchio Jr., better known as “DJ Pauly D,” have settled a trademark infringement suit filed by a Connecticut DJ who claims he has been using the trademark “DJ Paulie” continuously since 1973.

Paul Lis accused Delvecchio, MTV and other entities

disney.jpgIPNews® – A group of major television and movie studios told a Manhattan federal judge on Monday that they deserve summary judgment on their claims that Lime Wire LLC induced widespread copyright infringement on its users’ part by allowing rampant illegally downloading of the studios’ shows and films.

The studios asked for the same ruling

mtv logo.jpg

IPNews® – MTV parent Viacom filed papers last week in opposition to the network’s “Jersey Shore” cast member Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s attempt to trademark his catchphrases “GTL” and “twinning” popularized on the show.

Viacom says it already owns trademarks for the phrases. Sorrentino also signed away his rights to any intellectual property created on