robot.jpgIPNews® – Nearly eight years after it seemed that Sony’s foray into robotics was over, the Japanese electronics giant has filed a patent application in the field.

The focus of this patent is not the robot itself, but a self-diagnostic software system for cameras which can differentiate between a scratch and dust on a camera

dvd-blue.jpgIPNews® – Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 and at least one of its Blu-ray players infringes four of TV Interactive’s patents, according to an expert witness’s testimony in front of a San Francisco jury last Wednesday. 

TV Interactive filed a lawsuit against Sony alleging that the company’s PlayStation 3 and BDP-S500 Blu-ray disc player infringe on

sony.jpgIPNews® – In order to take advantage of changes in European copyright law, Sony released 100 copies of a compilation of previously unreleased Bob Dylan recordings.

The European Union recently increased the length of copyright protection from 50 years to 70 years, however, a recording must be published prior to the end of the 50

sony.jpgIPNews® – Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC shot back on Thursday at Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC’s trademark infringement complaint in San Francisco federal court over Bridgestone’s use of an actor who appeared in numerous Sony Playstation ads in one of its own commercials playing a Nintendo Wii.

Bridgestone says that it is not, as

game-controller.jpgIPNews® – It was recently learned that in July of 2011, Sony filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an “Advertisement Scheme for use with interactive content”. 

If this application is approved, Sony could potentially pause a video game during a critical moment to display an advertisement or commercial.  To

sony.jpgIPNews® – Sony has recently filed a patent application covering a correction to its existing 3D technology.

While 3D technology thus far has been dependent on the viewer’s distance and angle from the screen, the new technology involves a correction that would enable the device to detect the viewer’s distance from the screen and automatically