samsung.jpgIPNews® – Samsung’s ChatOn messaging system is the latest target in a patent infringement lawsuit brought in Texas Federal Court by Mobile Telecommunications Technologies LLC. 

Mobile Telecommunications is alleging that ChatOn infringes patents that were registered 13-14 years ago.  Samsung’s technology also includes applications related to email systems such as Hotmail.  To continue reading, click:

ipad-iphone.jpgIPNews® – A district judge denied both Apple and Samsung’s post-trial motions on Tuesday that challenged the $1.05 billion patent infringement judgment against Samsung.

Apple and Samsung were both denied motions for a new trial and Apple lost it bid for treble damages as the company did not adequately prove that Samsung had willfully infringed

apple-store.jpgIPNews® – Just before the holidays, Apple’s request for a U.S. ban on Samsung products that infringe its patents was denied by a California federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh said that Apple did not prove that the patents Samsung was found to infringe covered features that play a role in a consumer’s decision

touchscreen.jpgIPNews® – The United States Patent and Trademark Office released a preliminary ruling that one of the patents in question in the Apple and Samsung patent wars is invalid.

Should the ruling stick, it could have lasting consequences for Apple.  Samsung is already bidding for a new trial based on the ruling in order to

ipad-iphone.jpgIPNews® – Apple and Samsung continue their patent infringement battle today after Apple was awarded $1.05 billion by a jury in August.

Apple feels the verdict is not enough and seeks further monetary damages and a permanent injunction.  Samsung, however, feels the verdict is steeper than it should be and claims that Apple’s requested injunction

iphone-ipad.jpgIPNews® – Samsung Electronics Co. has infringed four Apple Inc. patents for smartphone and tablet technology, according to a U.S. International Trade Commission administrative law judge’s initial ruling published Wednesday.

The patents found to be infringed cover headphone audio plug connector and touch screen technology, while certain other patents Apple asserted, including one for the

samsung.jpgIPNews® – The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether Samsung Electronics Co. abused its market position and acted anti-competitively with respect to its licensing commitments for its standard-essential patents, Apple Inc. said Monday.

The DOJ has joined the European Commission in looking into whether Samsung violated its commitments to license the standard-essential patents it

iphone.jpgIPNews® – A court in the Netherlands ruled once again on Wednesday that Samsung Electronics Co.’s smartphones and tablets do not infringe Apple Inc.’s European patent for a “touch event model,” following in line with other European court decisions rejecting the patent.

The Dutch court’s ruling reaffirmed a decision it made in August 2011, when