tv_remote_control.jpgIPNews® – TiVo announced in its quarterly earnings report that it has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement.

The digital video recorder maker claims that Samsung’s digital video recorders violate four of its patents.  Settlements and licensing fees related to patents currently make up the majority of TiVo’s revenue.  To continue reading, click: 

iphone.jpgIPNews® – Apple took a hit in its continuing back and forth with nemesis Samsung, as the USPTO issued a finding that calls into question the validity of one of Apple’s iPhone patents.

USPTO records show that one of Apple’s design patents was recently invalidated.  Though Apple may attempt to further appeal the decision, overcoming

cow.jpgIPNews® – Milk Studios has filed a lawsuit against South Korean electronics maker Samsung for trademark infringement.

The lawsuit alleges that Samsung has infringed Milk Studios’ trademark for its newly-launched music and video streaming services. The complaint also states that Samsung’s actions have damaged and will continue to damage the studio’s brand.  To continue reading

touchscreen.jpgIPNews® – In an effort to finally curb the trouble with Apple’s pinch-to-zoom technology, Samsung may finally have created a practicable workaround.

The new method, which is the subject of a recent patent application, involves circular motions that enable the zooming in or out of images on mobile devices.  While some are criticizing the technology

apple-store.jpgIPNews® – Apple received patent protection over a method of making products featuring curved display screens.  

The new patent puts to rest the question of whether Apple would join the trend of producing curved devices.  Since the patent was silent as to which specific devices the technology will be implemented in, however, we are