google.jpgIPNews® – A case challenging the registered Google trademark has been declined for review by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case involved whether a trademark owner should lose rights in instances when the trademark is frequently used as a verb such as in the phrase “Google it”.   The Plaintiffs alleged that Google had become generic

baby.jpgIPNews® – Based on a patent filed by Google, baby monitoring is going high-tech. 

The patent seeks to protect a smart crib integrated with high technology baby monitoring which detects things like baby movements, temperature, and oxygen levels.   The crib will even analyze the baby’s cries and can be proactive in resolving the issue.  To

Teddy bear.jpgIPNews® – A patent from Google has come into the spotlight recently for being “Creepy”.

The new device is an Internet connected Teddy Bear capable of moving its eyes and making facial expressions in addition to recording audio and video.  Apart from be able to scare your pets, the teddy would be able to control

google.jpgIPNews® – Controversial patent holdings company Intellectual Ventures is taking Google to court over a series of patents used in its Motorola smartphones.  

Google has defended its use of the technology by claiming “There’s no building at Intellectual Ventures…They are in the business of bringing lawsuits.”  If Google obtains a victory in the case

ibm.jpgIPNews® – America’s top tech companies, including IBM, Apple, Google and Samsung all received top spots on the annual list of companies with most patents granted.

The list, which is compiled annually by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, reveals mainly big name tech companies as the recipients of most of the patents granted by the USPTO

google.jpgIPNews® – Hanginout, Inc. has filed a trademark lawsuit against Google, Inc. for its use of “Hangouts”

The much smaller San Diego company took on the Northern California giant, filing a trademark infringement lawsuit last month.   The complaint claims that Google is wrongfully using “Hangouts” to refer to its live video chat app, which infringes

google.jpgIPNews® – Google filed a patent application this week seeking protection over a new app that would help solve the problem of splitting checks among groups.

In an attempt to solve one of life’s annoyances, Google has filed a patent for a method of splitting restaurant and bar checks among friends.  The new patent claims