courthouse.jpgIPNews® – A three-judge Federal Circuit panel on Tuesday issued an affirmation of a patent rejection by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board, but called for an en banc rehearing to clarify the standard of review the appeals court should apply to the PTAB’s claim construction rulings.

The appeal concerned

bone.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit on Thursday shot down Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.’s appeal of a district court’s refusal to grant it a patent injunction stopping three generic drug makers from producing their own versions of Roche’s osteoporosis drug Boniva.

Roche could not prove it was likely to overcome Apotex Inc., Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Mylan

samsung.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit on Thursday struck down a California federal judge’s U.S. sales ban on Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone in Apple Inc.’s massive patent infringement case over the iPhone and iPad.

Judge Lucy Koh abused her discretion in finding Apple would suffer irreparable harm in the absence of the injunction, the

courthouse.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit agreed on Tuesday to hold an en banc rehearing involving all of the court’s judges regarding a controversial three-judge panel decision in July that upheld four financial software patents.

The July ruling in CLS Bank International v. Alice Corp. drew heat from many quarters, especially in the technology industry, for

wireless router.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit ruled on Tuesday that Belkin International Inc. is barred from appealing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s refusal to consider its additional submissions of prior art in an attempt to have a rival’s wireless router patent invalidated on reexamination.

Belkin and fellow router makers Cisco Linksys LLC, D-Link Systems Inc.

glucose.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit on Friday gave Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. another shot at proving that its two patents for a diabetes-related glucose monitoring system were not invalid in light of prior art, as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had found upon reexamination.

The PTO’s Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences adopted unreasonable

courthouse.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit on Tuesday affirmed the dismissal of a “death care” company’s attempt to win a declaratory judgment warding off a potential patent infringement suit from another company over a method of cremating human remains without incinerating them.

Matthews International Corp.’s claims that Biosafe Engineering’s patents are invalid, unenforceable and not infringed

justice-scales.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit ruled Friday that even when many different parties perform the different steps of a patented method, induced patent infringement can still exist.

The decision means Akamai Technologies Inc. will now be able to again pursue its online content delivery system patent claims against Limelight Networks Inc. McKesson Corp.’s doctor-patient electronic