facebook.jpgIPNews® – The makers the popular graphic design app Paper have sent a letter to Facebook execs, demanding that the famous social networking company stop using the “Paper” name.

FiftyThree, Inc., which created its Paper app years ago, also filed for trademark protection of the word, hoping that this, in combination with its prior registration

facebook.jpgIPNews® – Facebook has augmented a new patent that allows for user-filtered searching in real time.

The world’s leading social networking site is making a new effort to pull ahead by optimizing its searching capability.   Adding to an already filed patent, Facebook describes plans for a new type of search that will allow the company

facebook.jpgIPNews® – Facebook, Inc. is tangled in another round of litigation, this time for the website’s timeline feature, which a rival claims infringes its trademarks.

Timelines, Inc. alleges that Facebook’s timeline feature infringes its TIMELINES trademark, but Facebook claims the trademark should never have been granted because the term is generic.  Timelines countered that just

facebook.jpgIPNews® – Rembrandt Social Media LP sued Facebook Inc. in Virginia claiming Facebook is infringing two of its patents with its “Like” button and other sharing technology.

Rembrandt claims that it owns two patents covering technology that allows users to create a personal webpage and pull content from third party sources without any training in


IPNews® – Facebook Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Walt Disney Co. are the targets of new patent infringement lawsuits the Regents of the University of California filed on Wednesday over interactive hypermedia technology.

All three companies are allegedly using patented university technology for displaying interactive information through web pages or software, the university claims in

facebook.jpgIPNews® – After a 6 year wait, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was finally awarded a patent for his invention governing, of all things, privacy settings.

Patent number 8,225,376 covers technology that enables Facebook users to customize the way their profile appears to other users.  The patent was originally rejected for being obvious, but after much

facebook.jpgIPNews® – Yahoo and Facebook both released statements this week that they have agreed to drop their patent infringement litigation and license patented technology to each other. 

The initial lawsuit, filed in March 2012, alleged that Facebook infringed on multiple important Yahoo patents and was followed by a counterclaim by Facebook also alleging patent infringement. 

touchscreen.jpgIPNews® – Apple and Facebook have recently faced ex parte challenges with the USPTO for invalidation of patents. 

The Apple patent challenges involve touchscreen interfacing and document presentation on a touchscreen display, while the Facebook challenge involves a dynamic news feed used for social networking.  In all three challenges, the patent holders have 30 days