bombs.jpgIPNews® – Lockheed Martin Corp. has unlawfully seized upon Raytheon Co.’s Paveway trademark for laser guided bombs to promote its own products and wrongly profit off of Raytheon’s goodwill, Raytheon claimed in a new trademark infringement lawsuit Thursday.

Raytheon and its predecessor Texas Instruments have exclusively made and marketed LGBs under the Paveway name since the company introduced them 40 years ago, the complaint says. Lockheed, meanwhile, entered the LGB market in 2002, started calling its own bombs by the Paveway name in 2005, and has since managed to convince the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that the name is generic, Raytheon says. To continue reading, click: Raytheon Sues Lockheed For Laser Guided Bomb Trademark Infringement