remotecontrol-inside.jpgOrange County – Microsoft is adding new fuel to the fire in its patent infringement battle with DVR pioneer TiVo.  In a recent patent infringement complaint, Microsoft is claiming that TiVo is infringing on four of its patents that date back to the mid-1990’s.  The patents are related to technologies tied to interactive television and remote interfaces.

In addition to requesting that TiVo be banned from using the technologies, Microsoft is also seeking damages and reimbursement of legal fees.  To add insult to injury, Microsoft has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission asking that the TiVo DVR boxes and other products infringing on Microsoft’s technologies not be allowed into the United States as imports.

The recent complaint is just another layer in a long-time battle between the two companies.  The original suit, filed just over a year ago, claims that TiVo violated Microsoft patents on delivery of online programming and secure payments for downloads.   Many have commented that this suit was Microsoft’s reaction to TiVo’s suit against AT&T.  TiVo claims that AT&T ‘s U-verse technology violates its “time warp” patent.  In order to prove infringement on TiVo’s part, Microsoft sought involvement in that case since the U-verse technology is based on Microsoft’s Media Room service.

 TiVo has refused to comment on the new lawsuit.