microsoft.jpgIPNews® – After losing a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by the UK’s BSkyB, Microsoft has rebranded its SkyDrive cloud storage system as OneDrive.

The change comes after Microsoft threatened to appeal the decision.  However, months after the ruling Microsoft has finally worked out a deal with BSkyB, part of which included changing the SkyDrive name. 

Qualcomm.pngIPNews® – Qualcomm, Microsoft and others filed public comments with the FTC saying that Google has been pursuing injunctive relief against them despite the company’s agreement with the FTC forbidding it from doing so.

In a settlement with the FTC, Google agreed that it would cease seeking sales bans on competitors that were willing to

microsoft.jpgIPNews® – Just days after a successful release of its Windows 8 Live Tiles, Microsoft found itself in court defending a patent infringement lawsuit. 

SurfCast, a company based in Portland, Maine claims that it developed the same technology in the 1990’s that Microsoft is using in its Live Tiles.  SurfCast is seeking damages related to

microsoft.jpgIPNews® – Emblaze Ltd. accused Microsoft Corp. of infringing a patent for an Internet media streaming system in a new lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California on Friday.

Various features of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7.0 operating systems allegedly violate Emblaze’s rights in U.S. Patent Number 6,389,473, which covers technology used

Thumbnail image for microsoft.jpgIPNews® – Motorola Mobility failed Wednesday to convince a Seattle federal judge to toss Microsoft Inc.’s claims seeking a court-declared reasonable and non-discriminatory royalty rate for Motorola’s standards-essential patents for wireless network and video coding technology.

The court had already found that Motorola has an obligation to license the patents in suit at RAND rates

microsoft-building.jpgIPNews® – Motorola Mobility LLC’s Android devices do not infringe a Microsoft Inc.-held European patent for a radio interface used to help apps maintain compatibility across devices, a German court ruled Friday.

The ITC ruled earlier this year that the U.S. equivalent of the European patent is valid but not infringed by Motorola’s devices. The

microsoft.jpgIPNews® – The Ninth Circuit on Friday refused to allow Motorola Inc. to enforce a patent infringement-related ban it won in Germany earlier this year against Microsoft Inc.’s sale of its Xbox 360 gaming system and some Windows software in the country.

A Seattle federal judge was right to temporarily enjoin Motorola from enforcing the

microsoft-building.jpgIPNews® – A German court granted Microsoft Inc. an injunction Thursday against the sale of any of Google Inc.-owned Motorola Mobility LLC’s devices that infringe a Microsoft-held European patent for a software input function.

The technology at issue is a cornerstone of the Android operating system, and the judge found that the operating system itself