corn.jpgIPNews® – A Missouri federal judge on Thursday let Dow AgroSciences LLC off the hook for Bayer CropScience AG’s claims that Dow is infringing its patent for a way to genetically modify plants to be unharmed by a powerful herbicide.

Bayer claimed Dow’s “Enlist Weed Control” product infringed its U.S. Patent Number 6,153,401 for a way to engineer crops like corn and soybeans to resist the herbicide 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, also known as “2,4-D.” The Missouri court adopted Dow’s claim construction argument regarding the ‘401 patent, and accordingly ruled that Bayer’s claims must necessarily fail. To continue reading, click: Judge Shuts Down Bayer V. Dow Herbicide-Resistant Crop Patent Lawsuit