google.jpgIPNews® – Google filed a patent application this week seeking protection over a new app that would help solve the problem of splitting checks among groups.

In an attempt to solve one of life’s annoyances, Google has filed a patent for a method of splitting restaurant and bar checks among friends.  The new patent claims

automobile-plugin.jpgIPNews® – Tesla Motors has filed a patent application for a backup battery for an electric car.

Tesla recently filed for patent protection of a metal-air battery for use in its successful line of electric cars.  The new technology, if implemented, would work in conjunction with the cars’ traditional lithium-ion batteries and would provide a

facebook.jpgIPNews® – Facebook has augmented a new patent that allows for user-filtered searching in real time.

The world’s leading social networking site is making a new effort to pull ahead by optimizing its searching capability.   Adding to an already filed patent, Facebook describes plans for a new type of search that will allow the company

google.jpgIPNews® –  The legal drama between Google and Apple continues as the two mega retailers are back in court over alleged copied software used in phones.

Three years ago, Google-owned Motorola Mobility and Apple commenced a series of lawsuits against one another over technology that each used in its mobile phones.  With each side claiming

glasses.jpgIPNews® – With its recently approved patent, Google has introduced the world to its plans for revolutionizing the advertising industry.

This new patent, if implemented, would be used on Google’s Glass device, a set of high tech eyeglasses with cameras to record what the user is viewing.  This patent for a “gaze tracking device” would