clouds-desert.jpgLos Angeles – iCloud Communications has dropped a trademark infringement lawsuit against Apple’s iCloud.  There was no public comment available but the most likely reason was that the Phoenix, Arizona communications company was no match for Apple’s legal forces.  In addition to dropping the suit, iCloud Communications appears to be operating under a new name.

The trademark infringement lawsuit was filed after the 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference where Apple announced its new iCloud storage and syncing service to replace MobileMe.  The Arizona-based iCloud argued that its name and trademarks had been in use since 2005.  Like Apple, it provides VoIP solutions for business and residential customers along with other cloud-based services.  iCloud Communications claims to have spent more than $550,000 building up its data center and telecommunications hub in Phoenix and tens of thousands of dollars in advertisements using its own iCloud logos.

In spending large sums of money to promote its business, the one thing iCloud Communications didn’t do was register the trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Apple, however, is the owner of the iCloud trademark which did not help the case for iCloud Communications.

Three months after filing the complaint, iCloud Communications has filed for voluntary dismissal of the case, asking for dismissal with prejudice, meaning it cannot refile the suit.  To further demonstrate Apple’s strong arm with the USPTO, iCloud Communications recently updated its Facebook page noting, “iCloud is now Clear Digital Communications,” and the profile’s photo shows a sign that reads “Phoenix Soft” above the company’s former name.

Furthermore, iCloud Communication’s former domain no longer has a website associated with it.