apple-store.jpgIPNews® – Qualcomm and Apple have reached a new low in their relationship.  

First Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple in July for infringing on 16 patents, then Apple recently filed a countersuit accusing Qualcomm of patent infringement.  Apple is reportedly considering ending its relationship Qualcomm and instead using other suppliers for iPhone chips. 

finger.jpgIPNews® – A recently published patent application by Apple covers technology allowing devices to record and transmit biometric data on unauthorized users.  

The recorded information, such as fingerprints and photos, could be used to identify and help prosecute thieves.  Though likely to appear in upcoming Apple products, the timing of the release is uncertain. 

apple-store.jpgIPNews® – Apple has agreed to pay $24.9 million to settle a years-long lawsuit alleging that its Siri voice assistant technology violated a patent licensed to a Dallas company by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

The Dallas company, Dynamic Advances, was the exclusive licensee of Rensselaer’s patent.  The lawsuit dates back to October 2012

iphone.jpgIPNews® – Apple took a hit in its continuing back and forth with nemesis Samsung, as the USPTO issued a finding that calls into question the validity of one of Apple’s iPhone patents.

USPTO records show that one of Apple’s design patents was recently invalidated.  Though Apple may attempt to further appeal the decision, overcoming

iphone-apps.jpgIPNews® – Apple has been granted a patent that would allow two users to collaborate on the same app in real time.

Apple’s latest patent allows two or more iPhone or iPad users to interact with the same app in real time and collaborate together.  In addition, Facetime would allow users to talk while simultaneously

iphone.jpgIPNews® – Apple has won a new patent for a ground-breaking mobile device screen that orients images on the screen according to the user’s perspective relating to the phone.

These features have yet to make an appearance in Apple products.  However, it seems that Apple has recently become interested in graphics user interface, virtual reality

remotecontrol.jpgIPNews® – Apple has filed a patent application for a new kind of remote control with a graphic user interface, which may change the way we use remotes.

The updated remote control feature is also anticipated to generate more interest for the Apple TV.  The new device, according to the patent application, will get rid

iphone-apps.jpgIPNews® – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for a special construction process and will help protect its new sapphire glass displays.

The new bonding material is LiquidGlass, a unique alloy that moves like molten plastic and helps bond the glass so that it doesn’t shatter when it drops. Consumers