motorcycle.jpgIPNews® – The official business arm of the Hells Angels motorcycle club filed a new trademark infringement action against Toys “R” Us Inc. and yo-yo maker Yomega Corp. in California federal court on Wednesday, alleging the companies ripped off the club’s trademark death head logo to sell a line of yo-yos.

The club has used the trademark featuring a winged skull for over 50 years, and seek to maintain its use for their own gain, Hells Angels Motorcycle Corp.’s complaint in the Eastern District of California says. Yomega and Toys “R” Us have both allegedly made large profits off of the yo-yos, and have refused to pull them from stores despite the club’s written demands, the Hells Angels say. To continue reading, click: Hells Angels Accuse Toys “R” Us, Yo-Yo Maker Of Stealing Death Head Trademark