microphone.jpgIPNews® – Kanye West is facing new copyright infringement claims filed last week by a record label alleging he licensed the Eddie Bo song “Hook & Sling” for use on one single song on last year’s album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” but then used the sample in a number of unauthorized ways.

While the sample was to be used solely in the song “Lost In The World,” West also used it in another album track and two music videos, TufAmerica Inc. said in its complaint in Manhattan federal court against West’s labels Roc-A-Fella Records LC and UMG Recordings Inc. West has either settled or prevailed over numerous copyright claims in the past, including a Seventh Circuit ruling in August that shut down a lawsuit over the lyrics to his song “Stronger.” To continue reading, click: Record Label Says Kanye West Violated Copyright By Sampling Eddie Bo