The Lincoln ProjectIPNews® – On December 1st, Christopher J. Small filed a trademark opposition against The Lincoln Project, a political action committee formed in late 2019.

Christopher claims he registered and has used “The Lincoln Project” trademark since 2009 for his educational academy, prior to the political action committee.  He alleges the registration would cause consumer confusion.

Marvels-Venom-ttab-caseIPNews® – On November 23rd, Marvel Characters, Inc. filed a trademark opposition against Spyder Active Sports, Inc’s trademark application for “Venom” which will be used to launch a new collection of ski gear.

Venom is the supervillain fictional character of Spider-Man comic books owned by Marvel. The American media franchise alleges that the trademark will

IPNews® – On November 17th, Hanna-Barbera Productions filed a trademark opposition against Astro Biosciences’ trademark application for “Astro Dog” for dog treats.

Astro was the name of the family dog in the famous TV series The Jetsons.  Hanna-Barbera alleges that the trademark used for dog treats will create confusion with the cartoon character. To continue

IPNews® – On October 28th, the famous electronic music producer Christopher Comstock, also known as “Marshmello”, filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against L’Oreal, one of the world’s largest personal care companies.

Marshmello opposes the L’Oreal “The Marsh Mellow” trademark filed for cosmetics given it is nearly identical. To continue reading, click: DJ Marshmello Faces Off

IPNews® – On October 27th, Zapier filed a lawsuit against Zoom for trademark infringement, unfair competition, and dilution.

Zoom and Zapier partnered in 2015 to integrate the Zoom app into third-party applications.  Zapier complains that the new launch of Zoom’s “Zapps” software is too similar to its use of Zaps. To continue reading, click: Zapier

IPNews® – Grumpy Cat Limited filed a trademark and copyright lawsuit today in Illinois.

The complaint alleges that many companies are selling counterfeit products trading on the Grumpy Cat name and likeness. The infamous cat with a frown came into popularity in 2012 and apparently there is a business there. To continue reading, click here:

IPNews® – More Than a Vote, Inc. has filed another trademark application, this time for the phrase “Change Isn’t Made by Watching From the Sidelines”.

The organization’s goal is to increase voter participation by creating safe and convenient voting places. More Than a Vote is made up of black athletes and artists and is headed