IPNews® –  It appears that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) has Real Housewives star Heather Gay in its crosshairs.

The reality TV star’s company – Heathertainment, Inc. – has filed a trademark Application for BAD MORMON.  The church is claiming among other things that consumers will be confused between the reality

IPNews® – A&E Television Networks, the parent company of the History Channel, recently filed a trademark application revealing a new planned show.

The application is for “Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman” which appears to build on the network’s existing Mountain Men series.   The application was filed on an Intent to Use basis so it is unclear

IPNews® – Nintendo has recently filed a trademark opposition against Brooklyn-based ZeldaVision Media Inc.

Nintendo is claiming that  ZeldaVision Media’s trademark application for ZELDAVISION infringes on its ZELDA video game and franchise.  This comes after ZeldaVision limited the scope of its trademark application in hopes of avoiding a conflict.  To continue reading, click here: There’s

IPNews® – NBC Universal has recently filed a trademark lawsuit against a company using the trademark “Dunder Mifflin”.

A company named Jay Kennette Media Group, LLC has apparently been using the Dunder Mifflin trademark on apparel since 2016.  Just days short of when Jay Kennette Media Group could file to make its trademark registration incontestable,