bus.jpgSan Diego – The Sarah Palin Political Action Committee (Sarah PAC) has embarked on an East Coast bus tour which is causing quite a stir.  No, not because Paul Revere warned the British.  It is because Palin is using an already trademarked name to promote the tour.

Palin is calling her tour “One Nation”, which is from the Pledge of Allegiance: “One nation, under God.” However, former Tea Party Express member Kelly Eustis claims that he is the owner of the “ONE NATION POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE” trademark, which was just recently registered.  Eustis says that he informed Sarah PAC of the infringement only to receive an abrasive response from Palin’s treasurer, Tim Crawford. 

“They are pissed for me even bringing up that they’re using our name!”, commented Eustis.  He went on to say that Crawford stated, “It’s about the Constitution!” and that Sarah PAC would defend their bus tour publicly if needed.  Eustis believes he is being bullied by Palin’s group and is surprised at how brazen they are at walking all over other groups, even from the conservative movement, simply because they can.

In October 2010, the NAACP, La Raza, the Sierra Club, and the AFL-CIO organized an anti-Tea Party march in Washington D.C., calling it “One Nation Working Together.”  Eustis immediately had his trademark lawyer respond with a cease and desist letter in regards to the use of the One Nation name.  The letter cited trademark infringement and unfair competition under state and federal law, including the Lanham Act.  Despite the letter, La Raza is still operating under the One Nation name.

At this time, Eustis’ and Palin’s attorneys are actively engaged in the issue.