win.jpgSan Diego –We see that Charlie Sheen has been adding to his growing trademark portfolio again.  His two most recently filed trademark applications are for Masheen and Sheenius.  Both applications were filed in one class of goods but the descriptions cover many different classes which means that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is certain to issue Office Actions, and then Sheen will have 6 months to file appropriate responses.  At that time, he will have to cough up an additional $2,000+ in government filing fees if he truly intends to use the trademarks for all of the goods and services listed.

The applications include things such as apparel, cell phones, head phones, casino games, eyewear, fan club services, operating web sites, Internet based television programming, purses,  jewelry, pet toys, fragrances, soap, stationary, books, magazine, blogs, lingerie, lunch boxes, wallets (listed twice for good measure), alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, hotel services, travel agency, pet foods, bar and restaurant services and last but certainly not least – Christmas tree ornaments.  We looked for kitchen sinks in there somewhere but didn’t find any.

Does Charlie truly intend to use both trademarks on all of those goods?  We don’t think so.   Click here to see our original post from early April on all of the Sheen trademarks and the likely problems that he will encounter: Charlie Seeks Trademark Protection for ‘Sheenisms’