IPNews® – A recent lawsuit initiated by Levi Strauss has sparked debate over the extent of trademark protection over a tag on apparel.

Levi Strauss has sued Yves Saint Laurent over the tabs on the back pockets of jeans. Levi Strauss is claiming that consumers associate the tags with its products and any similar use by another apparel maker will cause confusion among consumers. To continue reading, click: Levi Strauss Fights for Trademark on Pocket Tab

shoes-redsoles.jpgIPNews® – Yves Saint Laurent SAS said Tuesday it wants to drop its counterclaims against Christian Louboutin in Louboutin’s trademark infringement lawsuit over his iconic red-soled shoes, now that the Second Circuit has ruled that YSL’s monochromatic red shoes do not infringe.

The appeals court let YSL off the hook for the infringement claim in September, though it also affirmed the validity of the trademark for Louboutin’s red soles. YSL said it wants to “refocus its energies on its business and creative designs.” To continue reading, click: YSL Seeks To Shut Door On Louboutin Red Shoe Trademark Dispute

shoes-redsoles.jpgIPNews® – Luxury shoemaker Christian Louboutin won a victory in the Second Circuit on Wednesday upholding his trademark protection for his signature red-soled shoes, in a setback for rival Yves Saint Laurent in its efforts to evade Louboutin’s infringement suit.

The appeals court reversed a New York district judge’s denial of a preliminary injunction against YSL’s own red-soled shoes. The lower court was wrong to rule the trademark was probably unenforceable on the grounds that a single color cannot ever serve as a trademark in the fashion industry, the Second Circuit said. To continue reading, click: 2nd Circuit Affirms Validity Of Louboutin’s Trademark Red Soles

shoes-redsoles.jpgIPNews® – Popular French footwear designer Christian Louboutin exhausted its final appeal in a French Court this week against fashion designer Zara. 

Christian Louboutin had accused its Spanish rival of counterfeiting and unfair competition.  This most recent decision was highly anticipated due to the current case between Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent in a New York Court of Appeals.  To contiue reading, click: Louboutin Dealt Blow in France