google.jpgIPNews® – A federal appeals court ruling on Monday brought a major victory for technology companies Google, Yahoo and against patent infringement claims brought by Eolas Technologies.

Michael Doyle, the founder of Eolas, obtained a patent in 1998 which he claimed included protection for all interactive elements of websites.  Since then, he has has

facebook.jpgIPNews® – Yahoo and Facebook both released statements this week that they have agreed to drop their patent infringement litigation and license patented technology to each other. 

The initial lawsuit, filed in March 2012, alleged that Facebook infringed on multiple important Yahoo patents and was followed by a counterclaim by Facebook also alleging patent infringement. 

touchscreen.jpgIPNews® – Apple and Facebook have recently faced ex parte challenges with the USPTO for invalidation of patents. 

The Apple patent challenges involve touchscreen interfacing and document presentation on a touchscreen display, while the Facebook challenge involves a dynamic news feed used for social networking.  In all three challenges, the patent holders have 30 days