supreme_court.jpgIPNews® – The Supreme Court of The United States has struck down a 71-year-old law banning offensive trademarks.

The decision has wide ranging implications including in an ongoing federal case concerning the trademark of the NFL team, the Washington Redskins.  Justice Anthony Kennedy stated that the long standing law offends a “bedrock First Amendment principal.” 

supreme_court.jpgIPNews® – The trademark battle over the rock band name “The Slants” may open the floodgates of “disparaging” trademarks being federally registered.  An appeals court has held that not granting such trademarks federal trademark protection is a first amendment violation. 

This ruling is likely to impact the Washington Redskins pending litigation in which the Redskins

football1.jpgIPNews® – The Washington Redskins and the NFL lost a battle in court, resulting in six of the team’s Trademark registrations being cancelled.

A district court ruled that six Redskins’ Trademark registrations are to be cancelled on the grounds that they are offensive to Native American people.  While the team is still free to continue

football.jpgIPNews® – Research Group Three Inc., a motorcycle products company, is challenging Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Lee Griffin III in his attempt to trademark his iconic nickname, RG3.

The conflict began after Griffin formed Thr3escompany LLC to develop RG3 branded apparel and filed for a trademark for RG3.  Research Group Three opposed the application, claiming