download.jpgIPNews® – Interest groups for the film, television and music industries have teamed up with Internet service providers to instate a new program to help prevent unauthorized downloading of copyrighted material.

Under the new program, which began February 26th, copyright owners will seek out the IP addresses of users sharing copyrighted material without authorization and

tv setup.jpgIPNews® – TiVo Inc.’s damages for Motorola Mobility Inc. and Time Warner Cable Inc.’s alleged infringement of its patented digital video recording technology could add up to billions of dollars, TiVo told a Texas court Monday.

Motorola’s massive production of infringing DVRs outclasses the number of products at issue in TiVo’s previous infringement cases against

tv setup.jpgIPNews® – Verizon Communications Inc. agreed Monday to pay $250.4 million to settle TiVo Inc.’s patent infringement claims related to digital video recording technology.

The two companies will also enter a mutual patent licensing agreement, TiVo said. The pair are now pursuing possible collaborations in the realm of Internet video, according to TiVo. To continue


IPNews® – The Federal Circuit on Friday upheld a damages award of over $100 million against Verizon Communications Inc. in its patent wrangle with ActiveVideo Networks Inc. over video on demand technology.

The appeals court’s mixed ruling affirmed the lower court’s findings that Verizon infringed several ActiveVideo patents, while reversing an infringement finding with regard

cell-phone2.jpgLos Angeles – A federal judge has ordered mobile phone-maker Verizon to pay $115 million in damages in a patent infringement lawsuit filed by ActiveVideo Networks.

According to the May 2010 complaint, ActiveVideo, which provides the CloudTV service, accused Verizon of patent infringement, saying that its FiOS system infringed on four ActiveVideo patents related to