trump.jpgIPNews® – After a President Trump ill-fated Tweet, the word “Covfefe” has gone viral.

In recent weeks there have been over 30 trademark applications filed for “Covfefe” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Unfortunately for the applicants, most if not all of the trademark applications will be rejected by the trademark office.  To

chinese_flag.jpgIPNews® – A recent Trump trademark victory in China has once again raised ethics concerns related to a Donald Trump presidency.  The Trump organization says they are simply protecting their brand from infringers. Opponents state that the President has breached the constitution and opened himself to foreign influence.

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trump.jpgIPNews® – Donald Trump has already selected his re-election campaign slogan. 

Just before being sworn in as president, Trump revealed in an interview that his re-election slogan will be “Keep America Great”.   The new slogan builds off of Trump’s previous slogan “Make America Great Again.”  To continue reading, click: Trump Files Trademark for “Keep America