diamond_ring.jpgIPNews® – Tiffany & Co. filed a lawsuit claiming that Costco Wholesalers Corp. infringed its trademarks by marketing and selling unauthorized engagement rings using the Tiffany name.

Though Costco agreed in December to cease all use of the Tiffany’s name, Tiffany is still suing Costco for its profits and treble damages.  In addition, Tiffany wants

diamond_ring.jpgIPNews® – Tiffany LLC accused a Texas-based online retailer on Monday of infringing its trademarks by selling counterfeit jewelry.

Olga Sanchez, who operates Bag Fashion Under God, Elegant Bags, BagFashionMore.com and BagFashionSpa.com, is directly and personally engaging in the sale of counterfeit products, Tiffany says. The company is seeking $2 million in damages per trademark