IPNews® – What appeared to start as an April fools day joke has become reality for Tesla.

While it seemed that Elon Musk was making a joke in April about starting a new brand of Teslaquila distilled spirits, it is no longer a joke. Last week Tesla filed for the Teslaquila trademark in the United States and it seeks priority to a trademark filing in Jamaica in April. To continue reading, click: Tesla Files Teslaquila Trademark for Liquor

tesla.jpgIPNews® – Tesla’s logo for its upcoming Model 3 vehicle received a rebrand near the time that Adidas filed a notice of opposition, with some speculating Adidas’ actions caused the change in design.

Adidas opposed the trademark application by Tesla, arguing the proposed Tesla design infringed Adidas’ iconic 3 stripe logo.  Tesla has claimed that the design was changed for branding reasons before Adidas filed any opposition.  To continue reading, click: Tesla and Adidas Tangle Over 3 Stripe Design

ford.jpgIPNews® – Ford Motors is releasing its electrified vehicle patents to competitors in hopes that sharing technology will speed and strengthen future technological developments for electric cars.

The move follows a similar recent move by Tesla.  The hope is that this will speed the adoption of electric cars which Ford is gambling will help it more than its competitors.  To continue reading, click:  Ford Allows Competitors Access to Patents

rocket-engines.jpgIPNews® – Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin are butting heads over a patent application from Blue Origin that claims rights to a procedure for landing booster rockets at sea.

SpaceX has filed its objections stating that the technology and science outlined in the patent are nothing new and that it does not warrant a patent.  If the patent is approved, SpaceX may not be able use the water-landing approach described in the patent.  To continue reading, click: Tesla and Amazon Founders Clash Over Space Flight Patent

tesla.jpgIPNews® – Tesla has announced that it has amicably and completely resolved a trademark dispute in China making way for CEO Elon Musk to grow the company’s brands in the world’s largest automobile market.

Tesla was locked in a legal battle with Zhan Baosheng, who registered the Tesla trademark before the California-based carmaker came to China. But, with the matter resolved, Tesla expects to have undisputed rights to its trademarks in China.  To continue reading, click: Tesla Trademark Dispute in China Resolved

tesla.jpgIPNews® – Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has shaken up the automobile industry by offering to open up his company’s patents for making electric vehicles.  

Musk hopes that his generous move will encourage more automakers to produce a higher number of electric vehicles.  Consumers have been slow to adopt electric vehicles partly due to the high sticker price and limited range.  To continue reading, click: Tesla Allows Others to Use Patent Portfolio

ford.jpgIPNews® –  Tesla has made the bold move to take on Ford over the trademark rights to the “Model E” name, which many sources speculate will be the name of Tesla’s next electric car.

Elon Musk’s famed electric-only car manufacturing company filed a trademark application for “Model E” in the summer of 2013.  The move stirred up the legal team at Ford Motors, which then filed a competing trademark application for the same name, commencing a fight that has likely just begun between the two carmakers.   To continue reading, click:  Ford and Tesla Clash Over “Model E” Trademark

automobile-plugin.jpgIPNews® – Tesla Motors has filed a patent application for a backup battery for an electric car.

Tesla recently filed for patent protection of a metal-air battery for use in its successful line of electric cars.  The new technology, if implemented, would work in conjunction with the cars’ traditional lithium-ion batteries and would provide a low cost means for extending the overall battery life of electric-only vehicles.   To continue reading, click: Tesla Files Patent Over Battery for Long Car Trips

chinese_flag.jpgIPNews® – Chinese officials have blocked the trademark registration of “Tesla” by U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors, Inc. in light of a prior registration.

A Chinese man, Zhan Boasheng, obtained a trademark registration for “Tesla” in 2009, and is now demanding that Tesla Motors pay more than $30 million for rights to the name.  Other American-based companies, including Apple, have had difficulties acquiring trademark rights for its products in China.  To continue reading, click: Trademark Barriers for Tesla in China