coffee_beans.jpgIPNews® – A small New Hampshire-based coffee company won a major victory against big-time coffee maker Starbucks.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Starbucks had failed to show that its brand would be harmed by the smaller company’s “Charbucks” line of coffee products.  As such, it was denied the injunction it was

soda.jpgIPNews® – A recently filed Trademark Application by Starbucks shows the coffee giant’s interest in producing carbonated beverages.

The Trademark Application, filed September 30, 2013, is for the name “STARBUCKS FIZZIO” and covers a wide array of potential new products, including drink making machines.  This development marks the latest in a string of Starbucks’ pushes


IPNews® – Starbucks and its Evolution Fresh subsidiary are facing a new trademark infringement suit filed by a San Diego vegan restaurant.

The restaurant, Evolution Fast Foods, claims Starbucks is planning to open a new chain of restaurants under the Evolution Fresh name that will violate its trademarks for the phrase “Evolution” in connection with