apple-store.jpgIPNews® – Qualcomm and Apple have reached a new low in their relationship.  

First Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple in July for infringing on 16 patents, then Apple recently filed a countersuit accusing Qualcomm of patent infringement.  Apple is reportedly considering ending its relationship Qualcomm and instead using other suppliers for iPhone chips. 

Qualcomm.pngIPNews® – Qualcomm was recently fined $975 million for being in violation of China’s anti-monopoly law related to patent licensing.

As the primary producer of smartphone chips and related technology, Qualcomm allegedly abused its dominant position to receive additional terms from licensees.  Qualcomm has responded to the investigation by easing its patent licensing terms. To

ibm.jpgIPNews® – America’s top tech companies, including IBM, Apple, Google and Samsung all received top spots on the annual list of companies with most patents granted.

The list, which is compiled annually by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, reveals mainly big name tech companies as the recipients of most of the patents granted by the USPTO

Qualcomm.pngIPNews® – Qualcomm, Microsoft and others filed public comments with the FTC saying that Google has been pursuing injunctive relief against them despite the company’s agreement with the FTC forbidding it from doing so.

In a settlement with the FTC, Google agreed that it would cease seeking sales bans on competitors that were willing to

cell phone closeup-offset.jpgIPNews® – Qualcomm, the world’s leading cellphone chipmaker, has recently announced its plan to form a fully owned subsidiary in an effort to protect its patents. 

Qualcomm Technologies Inc. (QTI), Qualcomm’s newest addition, will include the services, product, and semiconductor divisions as well as its research and development.  Meanwhile Qualcomm Incorporated will handle the majority