p.jpgIPNews® – Pinterest lost two cases it filed over trademark infringement, one in the United States and one in the United Kingdom.

Both cases focused on the concepts and phrases surrounding the ideas of “pinning.”  Judges in both cases claimed that “pinning” and “pins” are too broad of concepts for all related trademarks to belong

p.jpgIPNews® – Last week Pinterest hit travel site Pintrips with a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit for being too similar its popular “pinning” application.

In the lawsuit, Pinterest seeks to shut down the startup travel website Pintrips for causing consumer confusion.   In support of its claim of infringement, Pinterest cites the similarity of the names and the

p.jpgIPNews® – Two big-time apps collide in as Path attempts to block Pinterest’s trademark registration of its “P” logo.

Pinterest last year filed a Trademark Application to secure protection of its “P” design logo, but on the road to registration has encountered a major bump.  Just last month, Path, another popular social networking app, made

Pinterest.jpgIPNews® -Pinterest Inc. last week accused an individual in China of registering domain names and seeking to register trademarks that are confusingly similar to the social network’s trademarked name.

The action in California federal court alleges Qian Jin is a serial cybersquatter who owns hundreds of domain names that infringe the intellectual property of various