disney.jpgIPNews® – A group of major television and movie studios told a Manhattan federal judge on Monday that they deserve summary judgment on their claims that Lime Wire LLC induced widespread copyright infringement on its users’ part by allowing rampant illegally downloading of the studios’ shows and films.

The studios asked for the same ruling

books-stack.jpgIPNews® – The estate of author Mario Puzo on Wednesday lost its bid to invalidate a 1969 agreement granting copyrights in the “Godfather” series of novels to Paramount Pictures Corp.

Paramount is suing the estate for copyright infringement over its plans to publish a prequel to the “Godfather” novels. The estate’s counterclaims seeking to cancel

movie-symbol.jpgIPNews® – Paramount Pictures has filed trademark applications for “World War Z” with the USPTO. 

Paramount intends to distribute the wildly popular Zombie series in various video game platforms including: Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, online and in mobile phone games.  The movie will star Brad Pitt.  To continue reading, click: Paramount Pictures Files for