google.jpgIPNews® – Oracle Corp. must pay Google Inc. $1 million to compensate for costs incurred in Oracle’s failed patent and copyright infringement suit over the Java programming language, a California federal judge ruled Tuesday.

Google had asked for $4 million in costs, but Judge William Alsup shot down $3 million in e-discovery cost requests. Oracle

google.jpgSan Diego – When it comes to intellectual property litigation, it is somewhat common for judges to hear unreasonable demands and ridiculous claims from both sides.  Such is the case in an ongoing patent dispute between Google and Oracle.

Oracle’s original complaint alleges that Google’s Android technology infringes on the Java computer programming language patents that Oracle acquired from Sun

cell-phone2.jpgOrange County – Oracle is seeking an order from a judge in U.S. District Court in San Francisco that would require Google co-founder Larry Page to give his testimony in a patent infringement lawsuit.

According to Oracle’s claim, Google’s Android technology allegedly infringes on the Java computer programming language patents acquired by Oracle from its