IPNews® – Ohio State recently opposed the University of Oklahoma’s trademark application of a drum major image which contains the block letter “O.”

Both universities’ actively use the block “O” in relation to sporting events and on apparel. Ohio State claims that it has been using the block “O” since 1898 and the university has registered three trademarks for different versions of the “O.” To continue reading, click: Ohio State Files an Opposition to Block Oklahoma’s “O” Trademark

CafePressLogo.jpgIPNews® – Ohio State University has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court in Columbus, Ohio against CafePress.

The Lawsuit claims that CafePress is using the university’s trademarks without permission.  Ohio State’s claims continue a recent trend of universities cracking down on infringing uses of trademarks.  To continue reading, click:  Ohio State Accuses CafePress of Trademark Infringement