circuit-chip-processor.jpgIPNews® – Tela Innovations Inc. has filed lawsuits with the Delaware federal court and the International Trade Commission alleging that five technology giants, including Nokia Corp. and LG Electronics Inc., have infringed seven of its patents by importing and selling smartphones containing integrated circuits manufactured using its patented technology.

California-based Tela claims that Motorola Mobility

cell phone closeup-offset.jpgIPNews® – In a five year long battle in German courts, IPCom was recently dealt a blow after it had accused Nokia and HTC of patent infringement. 

In a recent ruling the European Patent Office has ruled that one of IPCom’s patents in question is invalid and in doing so declared a victory for Nokia

tattoo.jpgIPNews® – Mobile phone-maker Nokia has filed a patent application with the USPTO for a vibrating tattoo that could communicate with your cellular phone. 

The magnetic tattoo would be a receiver to magnetic waves being transmitted by the cellular phone, notifying the tattoo wearer whenever a call, text, or email alert was coming through.  According to

cell-phone.jpgLos Angeles – Microsoft, Nokia, Hewlett Packard, and other technology companies joined forces in filing objections to Nortel’s proposed bankruptcy sale of more than 6,000 patents to Google, claiming that the deal would give Google an unfair advantage in the cell phone business.  

Nortel is a Canadian telecommunications company that filed for bankruptcy protection in January