microsoft.jpgIPNews® – The Ninth Circuit on Friday refused to allow Motorola Inc. to enforce a patent infringement-related ban it won in Germany earlier this year against Microsoft Inc.’s sale of its Xbox 360 gaming system and some Windows software in the country.

A Seattle federal judge was right to temporarily enjoin Motorola from enforcing the

ChuckYeager.jpgIPNews® – Renowned test pilot Chuck Yeager on Monday lost his Ninth Circuit appeal of his failed suit seeking to hold two old friends liable for using his likeness without authorization in their aviation memorabilia business.

Yeager’s claims were time-barred, the appeals court ruled. The Ninth Circuit ruled that a declaration Yeager submitted to the

nuvasive-san-diego.jpgIPNews® – The Ninth Circuit let NuVasive Inc. off the hook for a $60 million jury verdict finding it infringed Neurovision Medical Products Inc.’s trademark “Neurovision,” vacating the district court’s judgment and ordering a new trial.

The appeals court found that the Los Angeles federal court ignored Ninth Circuit precedent, persistently cut off or excluded