IPNews® – A Federal court in Oregon has ruled against NBA player Kawhi Leonard’s claim that Nike is wrongfully using the Klaw logo design typically associated with Leonard.

The contract between the two clearly stated that Nike would own all intellectual property. Nike’s counterclaims against Leonard remain, so the case is not yet over. To

golf.jpgIPNews® – Nike recently filed a patent application for hi-tech golfing glasses with features that could soon make golfing glasses standard gear for golfers.

The glasses allow the user to seamlessly track game data such as the ball’s location, distance to the pin, your score, and more.  Along with tracking this data, the glasses will

football.jpgIPNews® – NFL Star Rob Gronkowski has filed a trademark application for his company, Gronk Nation L.L.C., which Nike has opposed.

The trademark features Gronk, in silhouette, spiking a football.  Nike filed the opposition to the trademark application claiming that it is too similar to its Michael Jordan silhouette trademark, the “Jumpman.”  To continue reading

Golf-sandtrap.jpgIPNews® – Nike Golf’s new patent may allow golfers to enjoy more accuracy in their game through constant data created by the ball. 

Over the past few years, a number of companies have developed sensors aimed at allowing golfers to view information about their game in real time.  Nike Golf has entered the field by

football.jpgIPNews® – Former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman is in a legal fight with Nike.

The Ex-San Diego Chargers player filed a trademark lawsuit against Nike, alleging that the company’s new “Lights Out” campaign infringes on his decades old nickname.  Nike has yet to respond to the allegations.   To continue reading, click:  Former NFL Star

nike.jpg.jpgIPNews® – The Supreme Court ruled that Nike’s covenant not to sue a competitive shoe maker renders moot the defendant’s counterclaim.

Nike originally filed the lawsuit against Already LLC for trademark infringement, which Already answered with a counterclaim alleging that Nike’s trademark is invalid.  When litigation costs became greater than the potential rewards, Nike attempted

200px-Logo_NIKE.svg.jpgIPNews® – Nike Inc. was granted patents last week for shoes containing data transmission systems to collect information about the footwear’s use and for golf clubs containing sensors to measure the club’s movements.

The footwear patent covers a shoe including a system to send data to a remote system like a display or other device