IPNews®- Former Jacksonville Jaguars player Dan Skuta is trying to trademark the term “Sacksonville” against the wishes of the Jaguars.

After Skuta abandoned his application in 2016, he re-applied for the trademark and then filed an opposition to the Jaguars’ application. Skuta states that he has been selling merchandise featuring the Sacksonville logo since 2015

football.jpgIPNews® – The NFL is being threatened with a trademark lawsuit by a company it has a history with called Barstool Sports.

Recently, the NFL began selling shirts that use the phrase “Sundays are for the Boys”.  Barstool Sports has taken issue with this, since it has long sold a shirt that contains the phrase

football.jpgIPNews® – The San Diego Chargers have applied for the Los Angeles Charges trademark.  The team remains the San Diego Chargers for now, but the Rams and Chargers are currently in negotiations that would move the Chargers to Los Angeles.

While at first the Chargers’ move to Los Angeles appeared inevitable, recent reports suggest that

football.jpgSan Diego – In a domain name dispute between the Cleveland Browns and an alleged cyber-squatter, the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) ordered that the domain name Browns.com be transferred from an Andrea Denise Dinoia to the Cleveland Browns.

The team filed a complaint in March alleging long standing rights to the CLEVELAND BROWNS and