google.jpgIPNews® – Controversial patent holdings company Intellectual Ventures is taking Google to court over a series of patents used in its Motorola smartphones.  

Google has defended its use of the technology by claiming “There’s no building at Intellectual Ventures…They are in the business of bringing lawsuits.”  If Google obtains a victory in the case

tv setup.jpgIPNews® – TiVo Inc.’s damages for Motorola Mobility Inc. and Time Warner Cable Inc.’s alleged infringement of its patented digital video recording technology could add up to billions of dollars, TiVo told a Texas court Monday.

Motorola’s massive production of infringing DVRs outclasses the number of products at issue in TiVo’s previous infringement cases against

Thumbnail image for microsoft.jpgIPNews® – Motorola Mobility failed Wednesday to convince a Seattle federal judge to toss Microsoft Inc.’s claims seeking a court-declared reasonable and non-discriminatory royalty rate for Motorola’s standards-essential patents for wireless network and video coding technology.

The court had already found that Motorola has an obligation to license the patents in suit at RAND rates

microsoft-building.jpgIPNews® – Motorola Mobility LLC’s Android devices do not infringe a Microsoft Inc.-held European patent for a radio interface used to help apps maintain compatibility across devices, a German court ruled Friday.

The ITC ruled earlier this year that the U.S. equivalent of the European patent is valid but not infringed by Motorola’s devices. The

apple-logo-gray.jpgIPNews® – Motorola Mobility LLC this week elected not to proceed with its Section 337 allegations in the U.S. International Trade Commission that Apple Inc. is importing Mac computers, iPads and iPhones into the U.S. that infringe the Google Inc. subsidiary’s patents.

The company also decided to dismiss a related case in Delaware federal court.

microsoft.jpgIPNews® – The Ninth Circuit on Friday refused to allow Motorola Inc. to enforce a patent infringement-related ban it won in Germany earlier this year against Microsoft Inc.’s sale of its Xbox 360 gaming system and some Windows software in the country.

A Seattle federal judge was right to temporarily enjoin Motorola from enforcing the

samsung.jpgIPNews® – Samsung Electronics Co. and Motorola Mobility LLC on Friday escaped Apple Inc.’s claims in a German court that their Android devices infringe one of its European patents for a touch interface.

Samsung and Motorola do not infringe because Android does not store a multi-touch “flag” in association with each user interface component, Judge

microsoft-building.jpgIPNews® – A German court granted Microsoft Inc. an injunction Thursday against the sale of any of Google Inc.-owned Motorola Mobility LLC’s devices that infringe a Microsoft-held European patent for a software input function.

The technology at issue is a cornerstone of the Android operating system, and the judge found that the operating system itself