IPNews® – A recent lawsuit initiated by Levi Strauss has sparked debate over the extent of trademark protection over a tag on apparel.

Levi Strauss has sued Yves Saint Laurent over the tabs on the back pockets of jeans. Levi Strauss is claiming that consumers associate the tags with its products and any similar use by another apparel maker will cause confusion among consumers. To continue reading, click: Levi Strauss Fights for Trademark on Pocket Tab

jeans.jpgIPNews® – Fearing a trademark infringement lawsuit from denim giant Levi Strauss & Company, a North Dakota-based retailer filed first asking a judge to settle the dispute. 

Vanity Clothing of Fargo filed a complaint in response to a cease and desist letter that it received from Levi Strauss related to the “V” pocket design on its jeans.  Vanity is seeking an order from the judge that its design is not confusingly similar to Levi’s design.  To continuing reading, click: Denim Debacle