face.jpgIPNews® – Judging by one of its new patent applications, if IBM has its way, it looks like computers may one day have more emotional intelligence than some humans.

The detailed filing goes into particulars of exactly how a computer program would take a variety of sensory, physical and environmental indicators and balance them to

ibm.jpgIPNews® – America’s top tech companies, including IBM, Apple, Google and Samsung all received top spots on the annual list of companies with most patents granted.

The list, which is compiled annually by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, reveals mainly big name tech companies as the recipients of most of the patents granted by the USPTO

ibm.jpgIPNews® – IBM was crowned the number one assignee of patents in 2012, for the 20th year in a row.

According to a report produced by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, IBM acquired 6,478 patents in 2012 to top the list.  Surprisingly, tech giants Google and Apple, the two who seemed to make the most

ibm.jpgIPNews® – With Asian technology giants on its heels, IBM managed to keep its top patent holder spot for the nineteenth straight year.  With 6,180 new patents in 2011, IBM is facing stiff competition in the rankings from companies such as Samsung, who had an eight percent growth with 4,894 new patents. 

With only two American