navigate_directions.jpgIPNews® – ArrivalStar SA is back to filing patent infringement lawsuits, having filed 11 last week against various retail and logistics companies.

The Luxembourg-based company filed the patent lawsuits against several retailers, including Hewlett-Packard Co., New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. and Lacoste USA Inc, in addition to a handful of logistics companies.  ArrivalStar claims that

brazil.jpgIPNews® – Hewlett-Packard said Wednesday that it has “amicably resolved” patent litigation it pursued against a Brazilian company over HP-compatible printer inkjet cartridges that HP said were covered by its patents.

Under the deal with the Brazil-based Rio Branco, distributor of the Brazilian brand Maxprint, Maxprint acknowledged that the patents are valid and enforceable. Maxprint

cell-phone.jpgLos Angeles – Microsoft, Nokia, Hewlett Packard, and other technology companies joined forces in filing objections to Nortel’s proposed bankruptcy sale of more than 6,000 patents to Google, claiming that the deal would give Google an unfair advantage in the cell phone business.  

Nortel is a Canadian telecommunications company that filed for bankruptcy protection in January