shirt.jpgIPNews® – Forever 21 is suing Italian designer Gucci as a result of Gucci’s claims of trademark infringement against Forever 21.

Forever 21 is seeking a declaratory judgement, asking a California Federal Court to rule that they are not violating any Gucci trademarks.  Also, Forever 21 is attempting to have nine of Gucci’s trademarks canceled.

purse.jpgIPNews® – Gucci announced last week that it has won a trademark infringement lawsuit against the grandsons of its famous founder Guccio Gucci.

Guccio and Alessandro Gucci began their own company called ToBeG in 2008 chosing to use the Gucci name in advertising though not on the products themselves.  An Italian court determined that use

purse.jpgIPNews® – Famous design house Gucci has won its trademark infringement lawsuit against Guess. 

In a recent decision handed down in the Southern District Court of New York, Gucci was awarded $4.66 million in damages and an injuction preventing use of its distinctive logos and design elements.  Though the monetary damages awarded were not as

purse.jpgIPNews® – After a three year lawsuit, Gucci has won its trademark infringement case against Guess and was awarded $4.66 million dollars. 

Gucci originally sought $120 million in damages.  Apart from the damage award, an injunction also issued which prohibits Guess from producing three of the four signature “G” trademarks owned by Gucci.  To continue