groupon.jpgIPNews® – Blue Calypso’s newest patent has inspired another round of lawsuits related to electronic coupon technology.  Groupon and Yelp, among others, are the targets of the accusations.

Blue Calypso previously filed a patent lawsuit against Yelp in a related action.  To continue reading, click: Groupon, Yelp Sued for Patent Infringement in Electronic Couponing Wars

groupon.jpgIPNews® – A California federal judge scolded Groupion LLC Monday for seeking to have him disqualified from hearing its trademark infringement and cybersquatting battle with Groupon Inc., saying its motion was based solely on one adverse ruling.

Groupion sought to have Judge Jeffrey White recused on the grounds that he reviewed and considered documents that

kangaroo_sign.jpgOrange County – After months of mediation to resolve a dispute over the Groupon trademark and domain name, it appears that the Chicago-based online group-buying site will be forced to market itself to Australians as  Groupon invites consumers to register on its website to receive daily emails from local businesses offering discounts